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During the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night, our body relaxes, recoups and repairs the wear and tear of the earlier day. As anybody who has suffered a restless night on a lumpy bed or has a stiff neck after using a rock hard pillow will attest, a firm, comfortable bed and pillow go a long way in ensuring restful sleep. Once we get our 8 hours of sleep, we feel energetic and calm – ready to take on whatever challenges the fresh day brings.

People change their sleeping positions an approximately 12 times each sleep cycle. At every point of time in the supine position, the sleeping person needs support for his spine and neck. The arms and feet need to be stretched and pliable to ensure good circulation. Although each person has his or her favourite sleeping position, scientists recommend lying on one’s side with the feet drawn up slightly to be the ideal position to ensure maximum easy blood circulation to all parts of the body. 
Body pillows are used by many as keep you warm and comfortable.  Some people feel a sense of security, like you get from a blanket.
Pillows and mattresses are contoured to support the natural alignment of the spine and to support the head and neck. There are individuals who prefer sleeping in a nest of pillows. Often we find people sleeping with one pillow for the head and neck, one for the upper body, one to support the back, another for the stomach and so on. The disadvantage of using many pillows is that although it may seem cosy, the pillows also shift each time we change the sleeping position, leading to discomfort.
The body pillow was devised as a means to provide support to the entire body. The body pillow is a rectangular pillow which is the length of the entire body. The pillow is stuffed with foam or with goose feathers and is as soft and comfortable as a regular pillow. The body pillow has other variants- the upper body support pillow and the cane shaped pillow. The normal body pillow can be placed against the back and offers full body support and maintains the natural curvature of the spine.
The Upper body support pillow is cane shaped and designed to support the upper body and shoulders. It is ideal for people suffering from upper body muscular sprains who need support to lie supine. There are specially designed pregnancy support pillows to provide full support to a pregnant woman as her body grows and changes shape to accommodate the growing baby. 
The U shaped body pillow is designed to cradle your body providing comfort and tranquillity. The soft fibres in it will adapt to the shape of your body supporting each limb comfortably and lightly. If you have this U shaped luxury pillow on your bed you will never need any other pillow.

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