Body Scrub Benefits


Spa treatments designed to destress and rejuvenate always include a complete body scrub as a part of the package. A body scrub is just what the term means- a spa treatment wherein the entire body surface is scrubbed using a mild exfoliant to slough dead skin cells and to improve circulation promoting healthy skin that is youthful and glowing.


The substances used for scrubbing range from oatmeal, Dead Sea salts to roughly ground flour. The slightly abrasive nature of the scrub removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface and exposes the fresh layer of skin below. The circular motion of scrubbing promotes blood circulation and gives the skin a fresh glow. The scrubs used in aromatherapy include small amounts of essential oils like chamomile and lavender, which are absorbed into the blood stream and induce relaxation. They help in preventing dullness of the skin complexion.


The Main Benefits of Body Scrubs Can Be Summarised As


1. Skin Rejuvenation: The circular motion used on the surface of the skin in the course of a body scrub removes the dead skin cells and exposes the fresh layer of skin below the surface. As the layers of the skin renew themselves continuously, regular use of scrubs keeps the skin looking youthful and fresh.


2. Blood Circulation: The gentle massaging motion in a complete body scrub promotes surface heat and improves blood circulation. As the blood vessels below the surface of the skin expands, blood flow increases and infuses the skin with a healthy glow.



3. Moisturisation:  Body scrubs contain additives like cocoa or Shea butter, almond and vegetable oils which are natural emollients. The gentle massaging motion of a body scrub makes it very easy for the skin cells to absorb the moisturisers and softens the skin making it smooth.


4. Fighting Cellulite:  Practitioners of holistic medicine advocate body scrubs made of coffee grounds to fight cellulite. Many spas have special treatments where coffee grounds are massaged on problem areas where there are deposits of cellulite.


5. Improved Glandular Function: Advocates of alternative healing techniques believe that regular massage with aromatic oils improve glandular functioning.  Cells on the surface of the skin absorb the healing agents in the aromatic compounds and correct any shortcomings in glandular function facilitating regular secretion of hormones.




Since body scrubs have direct contact with the skin, it is better to follow the following notes of caution in use of body scrubs:


Body scrub involves the use of mildly abrasive substances on the surface of the skin. Unless used with gentle care, over use of scrubs may cause skin irritation due to scratching.


Body scrubs should always be followed up with generous use of moisturisers to protect the skin.

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