Body Scrubs

Our skin gets clogged with dead skin so to remove them we need to scrub our face atleast twice a week.Depending on skin type scrubbing varies.One can opt for kitchen ingredients as effective scrubs

Body scrub is a product which when applied on the body helps remove the dead layer and give you a bright supple skin.A Body scrubs us made up of oatmeal, sea salt, apricot in the form of gel almost the same consistency as a moisturizing lotion.


Benefits of Body Scrub? 


Body scrub when applied on the body removes dead skin leaving the skin of the body soft and supple. You can also remove your body tan by applying body scrub. It is normally used in spa.


How many times can I Use a Body Scrub?


A body scrub is not used too often maybe once or maximum twice in a week. If applied frequently scrubbing might damage the new layer of skin once the dead skin comes out. Also, do not do a rigorous scrubbing. Scrub gently specially in case of dry skin. Also you have to be very careful in winters as dry skin could be more damaged during scrubbing.


Options Available While Choosing a Body Scrub?


There are lots of established brands available in the market. The body scrub is available in variety of gel like oat gel, cranberry, almond, apricot, walnut just to name a few. You can even make a body scrub at home. They are quite easy to make and harmless too as they do not contain any synthetic ingredient in it.


How to Make Homemade Body Scrubs?


You really do not have to go too far to collect ingredients to make body scrub. They are easily available in the market, be it honey, salt or milk. You can make five different types of body scrubs using these ingredients:


Salt Scrub


Mix one cup of salt to half of cup of almond oil. Mix them properly. Also make sure that the salt is really very fine else it can be hard on the skin thereby damaging the skin. Apply it for some time and take a shower with shower gel.



Honey and Walnut Scrub


Grind a cup of walnuts. Add 3 tsp of honey and equal quantity of milk. Mix them rigorously. Apply it gently all over your body. This scrub will just remove the dead skin leaving the inner skin soft and smooth. After applying it for some time have a bath with shower gel. This kind of scrub is really effective in winters and milk and honey is a very good moisturizer in itself.


Coffee Scrub


 Mix 1 cup of coffee with half cup of yoghurt. Mix it properly till it becomes a fine paste. Gently apply this scrub on the body in a circular motion. Keep it on for sometime. Take a warm water bath. After applying this scrub you do not need to apply any moisturizer on the body as the scrub itself is a very good moisturizer.


 Mint Scrub


Mix one cup of mint leaves, one cup of yoghurt and half a cup of chickpeas. Grind them well so that they become a fine paste. Gently apply this mixture on your body and then rinse it with warm water. This is a wonderful homemade scrub. The chickpeas present in the scrub helps remove dead skin, yoghurt helps in nourishing the skin and mint refreshes it.


Chocolate Scrub


Take half a cup of fine sugar and one cup of cocoa butter. Mix it so that it becomes a fine paste. Apply it on your whole body including arms, legs and feet. Keep it on for sometime and take a warm bath. This is a wonderful homemade pampering body scrub in which sugar helps removing the dead skin and cocoa butter acts as a moisturizer.


Lemon and orange peel body scrub


Dry lemon and orange peel till they dry totally. Please make sure that they are not dried in the sun. After drying it, grind it to make a fine powder which you can store it in the jar. To begin with, take out 2 tablespoon of this powder; add porridge grain, half tsp of homey and little milk. Mix them properly. Apply it thoroughly this course paste. Always apply this paste in a circular motion. Keep it for sometime and then take a warm water bath. This is a great body scrub and the effect is visible immediately.

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