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Body shapers are worn inside the garment. The purpose is to shape and bind the body by tightening the overall shape. With the quest for the perfect body reaching endemic proportions, exercise and diet have become a way of life. Where sustained exercise and diet do not bring the desired results, cosmetic surgeons step in to cut and bind and give attractive contours to almost every part of the body. Cosmetic surgery is permanent and low on maintenance. The minus points are the high cost and lack of guaranteed results. People who are averse to surgery prefer to use temporary and cheaper alternatives for temporary ways for achieving attractive body shape.

Body shapers basically hold back sagging or fatty areas of the body and make them look tight and trim.  Body shapers made of Lycra and spandex are undergarments which are worn under normal clothes. Shape wear garments are comfortable and easy to don due to their flexibility. Body shapers have the effect of giving the illusion of instantly slimming, flattening and enhancing the following areas: bust, stomach, waist, hip, thigh, buttocks and legs.  For those who are extremely slim and would like to give the impression of a curvier body. There are shape wear garments which are padded and can enhance certain body areas by providing additional curves.
Men, who are overweight, aged above 30 and those who suffer from lower back pain, digestive, urinary and general abdominal problems can benefit from body shapers as they give health benefits too.

Types of body shapers:

Some of the popular body shapers available in the market are as listed below.
  1. Panty Girdles & Briefs: For shaping stomach – waist- thigh area
  2. Leg Shapers: To tone the lower body by supporting the buttocks, knees, legs and calves.
  3. Upper Bodysuits: To enhance the bust, stomach, waist and buttocks.
  4. Upper body shapers: To enhance the bust and add cleavage
  5. Buttock Shapers: to cinch in the buttocks and provide appropriate curves.
  6. Waist Cinchers & Girdles: To define the waist and hold in a distended stomach
  7. Men’s shape wears: To enhance the chest and hold in a protruding belly
Body shapers offer light, medium or firm control and come in different sizes. The body shapers have flat seams and are designed not to be visible even under the tightest outer garments. 
  1. Body shapers have temporary benefits only. 
  2. Body shapers are expensive foundation garments.
  3. Body shapers need to be hand washed and drip dried as they are made of Lycra or spandex.
  4. It is better to keep 2 sets of body shapers for one’s exclusive use. Body shapers should not be shared and hence the need to have two.
  5. Prolonged wearing of body shapers may cause allergic reactions on skin.
  6. If you wear a body shaper overly tight, it may hamper circulation to your limbs.

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