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The type of body a person has goes a long way in defining the person’s ideal weight, suitable exercise regimen and even the type of clothes he or she would look best in. The concept of an ideal body changes from culture to culture and also as per the time period.
The body shape depends upon the skeletal frame as also how fat is distributed across the frame of your body.

The following are the four most common female body shapes as per research encompassing different ethnic and racial groups:
  • Apple-shaped: Broad shoulders and bust, narrow hips.
  • Banana-shaped: The difference between the hip or bust and waist measurement is less than 9 inches.
  • Pear-shaped: Hip measurements exceed the bust measurement
  • Hourglass Shape: Hip and bust measurements are equal while waist measurement is almost 10 inches less
Another way to calculate body types is as mesomorphs, ectomorphs or endomorphs.

Mesomorphs are usually rectangular shaped and muscular. The chest and shoulders are developed and measure more than the waist. Hips and shoulders have the same measurement and lower back and abdomen is toned.

Ectomorphs have a thin build with a small frame, narrow hips and long limbs. Among the three body types, ectomorphs have the least muscle and fat mass .Ectomorphs have e problem gaining weight.

Endomorphs have medium frames with a curvy body. Women endomorphs tend to store fat in the lower body receptacles- namely the hips and buttocks, whereas men store it in the abdomen.

Endomorphs need aerobic and cardiovascular work outs to get rid of the excess fat around the waist as every inch gained puts them at additional risk of heart disease. Ectomorphs need to eat well and take up exercise which will build us their endurance level and stamina. Mesomorphs need to eat a balanced diet and take up an exercise regimen which builds their flexibility.

Scientists are yet to agree on the ideal body shape. What is clear is that each body type is at risk due to different health factors.

Qualified medical advice should be sought as the ideal body weight is dependent on a number of factors like height, type of frame, racial and genetic factors etc. Excess weight from problem areas should be worked off in a structured manner using a combination of the right diet and exercise.

Body type calculators classify women into tow groups namely Apple and Pear type.  If you have a waist to hip ratio of 0.80 you are a pear and if it is greater than that you are an apple.

The hourglass figure is accepted as the most aesthetic shape for women across cultures. Recent research has found that women tend to build up fat deposits around their hips after puberty as a means to provide for any baby they may carry during their child bearing years.

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