Body Wrap

Body wraps have been in use for many centuries as a way to improve circulation and get rid of excess water weight from the body.  However body wraps can help you lose weight only if used in combination with a healthy and strict diet and exercise program.

A body wrap was originally devised as a means to melt cellulite near the surface of skin from problem areas like the upper arms, thighs and belly. Specially treated bandages were wrapped around the problem areas. 
Body wraps generate mild heat, which works in two ways:
  1. Excess water retained in the body is lost through sweat
  2. With application of heat and special medication, blood circulation speeds up and acts as a catalyst of slow burning of fat deposits near the skin surface.
Either way, the result was quick and easy inch loss .Body wraps gained popularity due to the ease with which inch loss could be achieved without surgical intervention.
In recent times, with the growing popularity of spas and salons offering nature based treatments for good health and beauty, body wraps are treatments intended to firm sagging skin, to hydrate skin, to relax and tone muscles and rid the body of accumulated toxins.

Procedure for body wrap:

In a spa, the client’s requirements are analysed and masks of mud, algae, sea weed, Dead Sea salts, deep pore moisturising lotions either singly or in a combination are prescribed.
After a shower, the client lies on a massage table and the mask is applied all over the body with special brushes. The entire body is wrapped in specially medicated bandages and the temperature is turned up to a comfortable level. Due to the mask and mild heat, blood circulation speeds up. 
The pores of the skin open and the natural ingredients in the body mask permeate into the skin. Ingredients like algae and Dead Sea salts draw out the accumulated toxins in the body. Excess water retained is also drawn out. Moisturising ingredients in the mask work towards hydrating the skin from within .Fuller’s earth used in the mask works to exfoliate dead skin cells and tauten the skin to make it brighter. The wrap is kept on for twenty to thirty minutes. 
A spa attendant then unwraps the bandages and rubs the mask using a soft brush. The mask is then washed away completely by the spa attendant using a hand held shower. Post another quick shower, the attendant applies lotion all over the body to further moisturise the skin.
  1. Body wraps as slimming treatment are a temporary measure and the body regains inches once the body is hydrated
  2. It is advisable to drink a glass or two of water before starting mud wraps as it may cause dehydration
  3. Salt  wraps are not recommended for pregnant ladies or peoples suffering from blood pressure 

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