Botox for Neck Sag and Lines


As a cosmetic drug, Botox is a proven method to reduce the glabellar lines or frown lines from your appearance temporarily. Botox, which comprises of botulinum toxin A, when injected into those corrugator or procerus muscles, temporarily halt crumpling or creasing of muscles so that aging is not visible in the appearance. In fact, it is the paralyzed effect of concerned muscles that temporarily vanish the wrinkles.


Furthermore, another use of Botox is now becoming increasingly popular and that is into the neck, where it works in diminishing those vertical twine-like lines and helps vanish those horizontal wrinkles. So, this is another factor to be happy about for those youthfulness seekers, to get rid of that ring around the collar, through Botox, besides its already accepted use to treat groves of forehead and tightness in brows.


Where Botox is Injected


Specialists in this segment share their experience of Botox on aging women to successfully treat the neck bands shrink. Botox is injected in the platysma muscles of neck. Barring some slight difficulty while swallowing, they highlight, there is no side effect with this as such. Jokingly pointed out by another expert in Botox cosmetic treatment, men are blessed with the option to grow beards and hide their growing sag in necks, which is why Botox for neck sag and lines is overwhelmingly popular in women consumers.



To specifically understand, here are some noticeable facts about surgical treatment of sagging neck before you proceed with Botox for neck sag and lines.


Reasons for Neck Sagging


Not only aging but even weight loss too can be the cause of a sagging neck, thus making bands or looping effect on the neck skin. In the attempt to smooth the skin and tighten the neck muscles, surgery is one method in this endeavor to regain that youthfulness. As a result of the surgery, appearance of the neck shows drastic improvement. This process known as neck lift is usually done as part of a facelift program but on individual needs can be undergone separately. 


Surgical Treatment of Neck Sagging


Surgery conducted for giving a neck lift comprises of cervicoplasty to remove excess skin as well as platysmaplasty for removal of muscles from the neck, while for removing excess fat from the neck liposuction is made part of neck lift. A person will need anesthesia depending upon specific requirement and the surgery would last up to 3 hours.


As an aftereffect of surgery, the patient may get bruising effect and even swelling i.e. he may have to go through a marginal state of panic for next ten days and subsequently, stay off work for couple of weeks after neck lift is undergone.




Taken into consideration the time devoted for surgery and somewhat painful aftereffects, experts do not refute the possibility of risking facial nerve getting damaged and muscle getting paralyzed, besides the pains after the anesthesia effect might end. Therefore, in all possibility, one should get the surgery done by experienced and skillful hands only.

Given the above facts, increase in number of people choosing Botox for neck sag and lines over surgery, is not astounding.

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