Botox Helping Cancer Patients

Botox helping cancer patients is a story which has been in the news for a long time. According to some scientists, botox injections can be used for warding off the cancer cells and if it proves to be effective then eventually it can act as a supplement to chemotherapy related treatments. The cancer cells tends to get resistant towards chemotherapy over a period of time and then botox related treatments can provide a lot of help. Botox is generally used as a relaxant for muscles in most of its procedures. According to scientists, botox treatments can help in relaxing the contractions in the tumor vessels and when the tumor opens up properly then chemotherapy can become more effective. 

Botox is often associated with breast cancer as well. Most of the women who undergo mastectomy due to breast cancer prefer to have botox treatment to relieve their pain. After the completion of the reconstructive procedure, an expander like device is inserted in the chest after the removing the breast. With the expander like device, the tissues are reshaped in such a manner so that breast implant becomes a possibility after the tissues get completely healed from the affects of mastectomy. With the usage of an expander like device, women have to endure a lot of pain, and at this juncture botox can provide a lot of relief. A study was conducted amongst a group of women who had undergone mastectomy and they were divided in two groups. The first group was given botox treatment and the second group did not undergo any botox treatments. It was found that the group who had received botox treatment reported of less severe pain than the other group which did not have the support of any botox treatment. 

Undergoing the entire procedure of mastectomy puts a lot of emotional stress on a patient and at such times, it is important to at least relive their physical pain. Botox procedures can be a bit expensive, but patients do not hesitate to spend the extra money because their primary concern to get relief from their pain. In many cases, botox has given the right results in relieving the pain and many doctors; off late have been recommending botox procedures to relieve the pain which comes with mastectomy.  Botox is generally known for its wrinkle reducing powers but gradually it is also getting popular amongst people who are suffering from breast cancer

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