Botox Reduces Ability to Read Emotions

Botox reduces ability to read emotions and this is one of its most prominent side effects. Botox is popular for its ability to reduce wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscles temporarily. Since botox gives a frozen look to the face as the person is unable to move his facial muscles and this might induce the inability to feel emotions as well. When the contents of the botox injection seeps into the skin, then the wrinkles tends to disappear due to facial muscle paralysis and it can eventually hamper a person’s ability to read emotions.

According to many scientists, facial expressions can influence a person’s feelings as well. So when a person is not able to conjure up any facial expressions then his ability to feel the emotions on the spur of the moment also decrease. Droopy eyelids are other side effects that are related to botox treatments. But this condition does not last for a long time and at times patients do not notice it as the effect is very mild. Swelling and inflammation might occur if the dosage of botox is not administered in a proper manner by the doctor. Hence it is important to take all the required precautions before administering the botox injection. People who are suffering from neuromuscular conditions need to remain careful because they are easily prone to the side effects of botox. If the patient is experiencing any form of infection in the area where the botox needs to be administered then the doctors would advise not to go ahead with the treatment.

The side effects of botox can be severe if the patient is already allergic to the constituents of botox. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their babies, should stay away from botox treatment. It is important to inform the doctor about the medications that are taken by the patient so that the doctor can find out whether the medications can increase the development of botox side effects or not. After getting the botox dosage administered, it is advisable not to massage that area as the medication might spread and its affectivity can get hampered. When the botox starts spreading in the adjoining area of the injection site then the results get affected because the concentration of botox gets diluted. In case any patient experiences severe pain after botox administration then one must consult their doctor for medications. Botox is known for both its advantages and side effects and the prerogative to go ahead with this treatment completely lies with the patient.

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