Business Body Language

Business body language-handshake, eye contact, posture has a great impact on the success of a person’s professional and social life. A positive body language imparts a feeling of trust, civilization and sophistication. It also shows how much a person is in control of oneself. It is a simple tool which can influence people and win their hearts without any monetary input. Business body language-handshake, eye contact, posture can make the difference between promotion and demotion in case of two people giving the same work output. Positive body language adds to one’s personality , attracts people and increases one’s potential in their work place. Apart from that it also leads to positive attitude and thought process as well as positive self evaluation and last but not the least – success.  


Business body language-handshake, eye contact, posture has a great impact on the aura that a person creates. Straight posture , with ones back erect  , stomach in , shoulders back , chest out , head thrown back and chin up are some of the positive postures that gives off a powerful and balanced aura.  Appropriate Business body language-handshake, eye contact; posture can help a person in making a great first impression in the work place as well as in the society. The components of Business body language-handshake, eye contact, posture are also good indicators of how willing or unwilling a person is towards conversation at a particular time. If suppose two people are standing parallel and close to each other, forming a rectangle, than it’s obvious that they won’t appreciate or even acknowledge any interference from a third party ; whereas if the same people are standing in the same posture but with their feet pointing outwards ( making an incomplete rectangle ) then that means that they are open to conversation with other people. Other postures like standing with ones feet about eight inches apart makes people feel more balanced and sure of themselves which is very helpful while conversing with clients.



Coming back to business body language - handshake, eye contact, posture; handshakes are a very vital part of any encounter and effects ones first impression in a very influential way. Strong and firm handshakes imparts a feeling of honesty, certainty and trust. Even in the case of females, handshakes should be firm and strong as this enhances their credibility and potential outlook. When it comes to handshakes, there are many different types, each imparting a different message. There is the sandwich handshake in which both the hands are used to envelop the others person’s hand completely. This type of handshake is usually done with people,  a person is well acquainted with; there is the controller handshake in which the person puts ones hand on the top to give the message that he / she is in control. The dead fish or limp fingered  handshake is one of the most  dreaded handshakes not to mention   gives the negative impression of nervousness and unsure ness .The perfect handshake should be firm , strong in a comfortable way (not too imposing or dominating that it radiates unfriendliness) , web to web and shaken thrice with a positive attitude and constant eye contact.



Furthermore proper eye contact is another fundamental part of business body language. Eye contact while conversing with someone gives the message that you are attentive and a good listener .It’s a great convincing agent and also instills the feeling of trust and understanding apart from giving a civilized outlook. One can occasionally break the eye contact but while doing so one should never look over the other person’s shoulder as that imparts the wrong message that one in uninterested or seeking or looking out for someone else. For a better business body language, one should maintain a casual and smiling eye contact and not stare or look up and down as that suggests an informal meaning. It’s suggested to maintain eye contact for about 90 % of the time while conversing, for a good impression that lasts long. It’s also important to maintain direct and pleasing eye contact at two points specifically: while saying hello (i.e. starting the conversation) and at the time of farewell (when the conversation ends and you bid good bye).


These easy to follow steps towards an enhanced and polished business body language can make the difference between success and failure for any individual.

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