Buttermilk Uses

Buttermilk might not be a favorite with many people but it has got many health benefits attached to it. With the inclusion of buttermilk, many dishes can acquire a creamy feel to it, which naturally enhances it taste factor. There are many buttermilk uses, and with the right knowledge one can include this ingredient for the preparation of healthy meals. Buttermilk can be used in the preparation of many baked foods and it can sometimes act as a substitute for milk as well. The advantage of using buttermilk is that it contains less fat as compared to pure milk based baked foods. During the preparation of ice cream, buttermilk can be used in lieu of milk or cream. With the addition of frozen fruits to ice cream made with buttermilk can be quite delicious.

People suffering from digestive problems are advised to consume buttermilk instead of milk as the former is easier to digest. Since the consistency of buttermilk is quite thick, it can be easily added to cakes, breads, etc. Buttermilk is often used in the making of biscuits as the acid present in it gives a light texture to the biscuits. The bacteria that are present in the buttermilk enhance digestion. One cup of buttermilk consists of ninety nine calories whereas milk consists of one hundred and fifty seven calories. When buttermilk is consumed on a regular basis, then it can aid weight loss. The bacteria present in the buttermilk can give the body protection from carcinogens and its harmful effects. At times cardiovascular conditions such as stroke can be prevented through the consumption of buttermilk as it contains less amount of fat.

One can consume buttermilk during the summers in order to reduce the body heat. The body can strengthen its immune system through the lactic acid that is present in the buttermilk. People who have ulcers should not consume buttermilk as it can further deteriorate the condition. People, who suffer from lactose intolerance, can rely on buttermilk to get the required nutrients because the lactose present in milk gets converted to lactic acid. Buttermilk can also be used to get a glowing skin as it helps improving the digestive system which naturally has a positive effect on the quality of the skin. Buttermilk can be prepared easily at home and if you do not have much time in your hand, then you can even buy it at any food store

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