Can Yoga Treat High Blood Pressure


Hypertension or high blood pressure is an increase in the pressure that blood puts on the arteries. Normal Blood Pressure ranges from 120-140 mm Hg of systolic to 80-90mm Hg of diastolic. When it exceeds this limit, then the condition is termed as Hypertension.


Hypertension, also known as silent killer, if left untreated can prove out to be fatal. Though there are many treatment options available but they comes with side effects too. So, practicing yoga is the most recommended natural cure to treat hypertension or high blood pressure.


Many people suffer from high blood pressure and there is always a constant need to get it under control. If you are seeking for a natural treatment in order to reduce your blood pressure then practicing yoga can be one of the best options. The postures of yoga have the capacity to stabilize a person’s blood pressure level. So you can turn your attention towards yoga if you are facing problems while dealing with the high blood pressure.


How Yoga Helps Lower the Blood Pressure?


The most common causes for high blood pressure are often attributed to the stress that is experienced by us on daily basis. Yoga facilitates in erasing the causes of blood pressure. The yoga postures calms the mind and reduces the degree of stress in the body.  


Yoga balances the autonomous nervous system that acts as a stress stabilizer. Also, yoga stabilizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.


Forward bends and some of the sitting postures of yoga are highly recommended for getting the reigns back on your blood pressure.


Yoga for High Blood Pressure


Uttanasana for High Blood Pressure: Uttanasana or the forward bends can help to introduce a calming effect on the brain which in turn helps in normalizing the blood circulation in the brain. When the blood circulation becomes normal then the stress in the body tends to decrease. Dearth of stress in the body helps in reducing the levels of blood pressure.


Virasana for High Blood Pressure: Virasana or the hero pose is one of the sitting postures of yoga, which can be utilized to reduce the blood pressure. These postures require a person to breathe deeply so that stress in the ribs gets eliminated and one can breathe normally which will automatically get the blood pressure in control.



Baddhakonasana for High Blood Pressure: Baddhakonasana or the cobbler’s pose helps the muscles of the abdominal area to relax and that helps in calming the nerves of the entire body which invariably brings the blood pressure to a normal level.


Halasana for High Blood Pressure: Halasana or the plow pose can also play a pivotal role in reducing blood pressure through yoga.


Pranayama for High Blood Pressure: Pranayama or the breath control helps to control the automatic nervous system and aids in keeping the blood pressure at a normal level.


Anuloma Viloma for High Blood Pressure: Anuloma viloma or the alternate breathing technique where one needs to inhale with one nostril and then exhale with another nostril can have a major contribution in decreasing your blood pressure.  


Makarasana for High Blood Pressure: Yoga postures like makarasana or the crocodile pose has benefited many people who were suffering from high blood pressure. Savasana or the corpse pose is regarded as one of the most important yoga postures which help in keeping the blood pressure in control by keeping the body away from the harmful effects of stress. Blood pressure needs to be in control or else it can lead to paralysis, heart attack etc.


Yoga for Low Blood Pressure


Viparita Dandasana for Low Blood Pressure: People who suffer from low blood pressure should practice Viparita Dandasana or the inverted staff pose in order to normalize the blood pressure. The inverted staff pose should not be practiced by people experiencing high blood pressure.



Before practicing any of the yoga postures for controlling your blood pressure it is imperative to seek guidance from a yoga expert so that any mishaps do not occur.


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Iam a 56 year old man who suffers high bp .i have a medical condition called foraminal stenosis of the would yoga help tn reduce my high bp with out causing any major problems with my neck . Thanks
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