Causes Of Stress Amongst College Students

Presence of many factors can cause stress to college children. Although the college years are the most exciting years of a person’s life, but at the same time it can be quite stressful too. The primary cause of stress among college children is because of the pressure to excel in academics. These days there is a lot of competition among college students to secure higher marks, so that they can get admitted to a renowned institution. Students who are aiming to receive scholarships have to toil very hard to earn the coveted position or students who have received scholarships have to display excellent academic performance so that they can retain their scholarships. There are a lot of college children who have to experience stress due to lack of finances. So these people are always looking for ways through which they can earn sufficient money to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. College children who have acquired loans to pay their college fees also remain under stress because they have to repay the loan in the stipulated time. College children have to do many kinds of tasks like doing part time jobs, taking care of the studies, etc, which is a major cause of stress. Nonetheless these kinds of activities prepare them to get mature for adulthood but simultaneously it also exerts a lot of stress in their life.  


Some students can easily find out what they want to achieve in the future and some children might be unable to take such decisions because of confusion. When they see their peers making decisions instantaneously then they might become stressed because they are unable to manage life as their friends. Many college children are caught in crossfire when they have to make important decisions regarding their career. Career related issues are often a cause of stress among college students. A lot of change is experienced by college students and these changes can be a source of stress as they have to deal with new and unknown things. Students start to become independent when they join college as they get away from the family and are responsible for themselves. Becoming independent is a crucial process and it induces a lot of stress among college children. For the first time a person takes charge of his life and makes important decisions, which can be a very stressful experience for most of the college students.


Peer pressure is regarded as one of the most common causes for stress in college children. Due to peer pressure college students are under constant pressure to experiment with drugs, sexual relationships and other activities which can be harmful to both the body and the mind. College children are always stressed because if they do not give in to the peer pressure then they will not be accepted by the others and hence will have to face loneliness. Stress can be accumulated even when a person tries to resist peer pressure. But college children should remember that experiencing stress during this period of life is considered quite normal.

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