Causes Of Teenage Stress


There are many factors which gives rise to teenage stress. Teenage stress is more prominent as teenagers are easily susceptible to anxiety and stressful situations because they aren’t mature enough to handle the situation without causing themselves some kind of emotional distress.


Reasons for Teenage Stress


Bodily Changes- Hormonal, Physical, Mental and Biological: Stress is mainly predominant among the teenagers because at this time their body experiences a lot of physical change which is often the source of emotional turmoil and stress. Teenage girls mainly experience menstruation, and the boys experience a change in their voice during this time. There are many teenagers who are not happy about their physical appearance and this gives birth to a lack of confidence in them. Some of them even compare their vital statistics with the skinny supermodels which naturally leaves them unhappy about their own appearances. These teenagers often overlook the fact that the glitzy image of the supermodel is due to the wonders of makeup and airbrushing done through computers. The image portrayed by the supermodels is not hundred percent natural.  




Teenagers also go through a lot of emotional changes as they are on the verge of adulthood, but still are not mature enough to handle the tribulations of the same, which creates a lot of conflict and teenage stress develops.


Looking for Individual Identity: At this time, everybody wants to create an identity of their own without seeking any help from their families, but they find it difficult to do so, and this becomes another reason of stress for them. Some people do not even know the reason for the stress that they have been experiencing.


Pressure from School, Teachers and Peer Pressure of Academic Excellence: According to most of the scientific research that were conducted to determine the reasons for teenage stress showed that teenagers primarily experienced stress due to relationships, school, expectations of parents, self imposed expectations, squabble with friends, etc. It was also found that teenage guys suffered from less amount of stress when compared to their female counterparts. When boys experience stress, they often tend to ignore it by engaging themselves in some sort of activities. But teenage girls on the other hand try to eliminate the root cause for the stress.



Restless Behavior: At this age, teenagers are hyperactive and think themselves capable enough to stand individually out of the crowd. As a result, they end up in frustration and may burst out on their parents, teachers, friends and classmates. This also ends up in a stress.


Emotional Trauma: Emotional Trauma like parental divorce, death of a family member, change of school, college, break up in relationships can end up in stress.



Beating Teenage Stress


Teenage stress can be dealt easily with if the teenager has a person on whom they can confide their feelings. The confidant can reduce the amount of teenage stress through analyzing the situation and this can be done by a person who has got substantial amount of experience in life. A healthy lifestyle can also help a person to overcome teenage stress. One should get into the habit of getting proper amount of sleep, consuming a healthy diet, and following a regular exercise regime. A person who is engaged in too many activities can experience teenage stress due to the same, so in order to combat teenage stress they should try to reduce some of the activities which are a major source of stress. Having expectations which are impossible to be fulfilled are also another reason for teenage stress and people should set targets in such a way that it becomes possible for them to achieve and at the same time, without causing any stress to their bodies.

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It's good but strangely familiar. There was a movie about a young girl how had to feed her sister or grandmother just as you described. Only she cried when the woman began to choke and die. Not because she was sad, but relived that she wouldn't have to feed her anymore. Wish I could remember what movie it was.
by Oladipo     28-May-2012

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