Celebrities Summer Secrets for Skin Care

Sunshine might be marvelous, but scorching summer months will treat our skin cruelly. Sun’s scorching heat not only creates wrinkles, fine lines and age spots, but it also creates sagging skin. Hence, it is essential to take a little care about your skin in hot summer season. Not ended, you have to change your life style to beat summer heat and maintain your overall health. Summer is the season that causes too much of troubles to your skin. It is better to know about celebrity tips to maintain a youthful and healthy complexion.


Indian celebrities supposed to follow a distinct beauty routine following hair and complexion care treatment. Celina Jaitley reveals yoga as her health secrets. She used to wash her face frequently with plain cold water. Aishwarya rai Bachchan suggests drinking a plenty of water to maintain a healthy skin. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan takes at least 8 glasses of water daily. She uses cucumber as a natural skin soother to prevent the tanning effect of sun’s rays. She practices mixture of honey, lemon and hot water to retain the refreshing feature of skin.



Ukrainian professional dancer Karina Smirnoff prefers a white look unlike Teresa palmer. Heidi Klum suggests exfoliate and sunscreen lotion to hold your skin healthy. It works great on your skin keeping it soft and tan free. Sofia Bush also sticks to sunscreen product that is essential to protect your skin from harmful effects of sun’s rays. Actress Kate Mara likes cosmetics and skin care products with coconut smell.


Water Healthy for Skin: You have to drink a lot of water as it moisturizes the skin, many singers reveal drinking more water as the secret of keeping their skin moisturized. You can also opt for good quality moisturizer to make your skin glow. Eating plenty of vegetables and proteins seems to work nicely on your skin keeping it healthy. It is the secret behind singer Rihanna’s beautiful and supple skin. Besides all you need sufficient rest to keep your body healthy. During summer season you have to focus on cleansing and conditioning phases in order to get flawless skin.



Duplicate Cosmetics Damaging to Skin: Careless beauty habits will lead to deteriorating effects on your skin. You have to choose quality products to maintain your skin’s youthfulness. Shilpa Shetty promises you that the mixture of coconut and baby oil will create wonders on skin. It is a best conditioner. She points cleansing as the secret behind her youthful skin. Katrina kaif the gorgeous Indian celebrity starts her day with three or four cups of water. Swimming and jogging are great exercise to keep us healthy. This is the secret behind healthier look of Katrina too. Two per cent Lancôme Cleansing Milk and salicylic acid containing face wash is her secret cleansing formula.


Role of Omega-3s to Maintain Healthy Skin: Omega-3 oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Products that contain omega-3 oil will provide your skin a natural softness and glow by repairing sun ray’s damage. You can avoid skin problems and wrinkles by a regular use of omega-3 oil products. This is revealed as secret behind the youthful skin of Gwyneth Paltrow. You can choose deep conditioning formula to repair your skin. UV rays can a serious effect on our skin and it is better to use a tanner or bronzer to overcome their effects.



Naturo-Therapy for Glowing Skin: You can also use natural products such as coffee grinds olive oil and lime juice mixture that can provide a deep exfoliating and conditioning effect. Famous celebrity Kareena Kapoor points this as her facial recipe. Regular application of this natural complexion improver will provide your skin an outstanding radiance. You have to practice frequent facial wipes so that excess oil and dirt can be removed effectively. This will prevent pimple appearance. Green tea moisturizer act as great cleanser and will prevent acne.



Stylish Celebrities Summer Secrets for Makeup Tips


We all desire to have a sparkling look throughout summer day. There are some excellent celebrity summer makeup tips to follow that make you look as lovely as these famous personalities. This will provide you the perfect appearance. Some celebrities revealed their hottest makeup trend which gives them a stunning look among public. Knowing the right makeup tips you can select the right shade to make your eye color and skin tone gorgeous.


Emma Stone Summer Makeup Tips: Emma Stone famous actress established a popular look and she reveals her stunning summer makeup tips.  She applied black eyeliner that defines her eye shape in a gorgeous way.  She used to put bold pink lip color to enhance her stylish appearance during summer days. Vanessa goes for a stylish alteration in her look by trimming her hair to shoulder-length. She prefers dark bronze color for eye makeup to add glamour to her romantic look.


Bollywood Celebrity’s Makeup Tips: Indian celebrities usually prefer light makeup during summer. Deepika padukone Bollywood suggest some blusher to attain that gorgeous look. Adding little mascara will make your eyes nice. Sparkling, silver eye makeups are popular among celebrities. Black eyeliner popular among Indian celebrities will give a flawless look. Silver eye shadow will highlight your eye’s radiating glance. You have to put some on lower eye line too to achieve that dazzling style.


Summer Hair Care


It is natural to face hair problems in summer. UV radiation and heat make the colored hair brittle and dry. Indian Celebrities suggests using SPF sprays in order to prevent such sort of damages. So it is better to use right shampoo and conditioner after enjoying swimming spot. It is better to pat gently instead of rubbing hair to get it dry. Right conditioner has to be applied before combing. It is better to use comb with wide tooth. You have to choose right hair care products for your summer hair protection.


Right Summer Dressing and Health Tips


We are seeing celebrities in designer wears onscreen. But off-screen celebrities prefer comfortable and simple outfits. It is better to use light colored cotton apparels. They choose casual, sexy summer garments for daily use. Most of Indian celebrities include a lot of salads and soups enriched with vegetables and fresh fruit juice as their summer diets. This will provide right nourishing and cooling effect to their body keeping them healthy.





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