Cervical Cysts

Cervical cysts are also known as nabothian cysts. This is usually found in the surface of the cervix. It is characterized by a mucus-filled mass that as mentioned earlier can be found in the epithelial lining and surface of the cervix.


This happens when the glands or cells in the lining of the cervix is covered by the squamous epithelium. If this occurs, tiny masses will eventually form in the surface. Usually, it can be discovered when a female patient inserts a diaphragm or a cervical cap in the vagina or when doing a pelvic exam.


Are Cervical Cysts Cancerous


The good news is that this type of this is not very harmful. It will often disappear on its own or it can be usually washed out by menstruation and would not harm the patient physically. It can only be dangerous if the nabothian cyst grows large. This can often be removed by surgery. Colposcopy can be performed if cervical cysts become symptomatic.


Colposcopy is similar to Pap smear but the difference is that in this procedure microscope is used to magnify the cervix.


If in case the cervical cysts increase in size exponentially, the doctors can do a full examination to check on the severity of the condition. In addition to this, the doctors can also do a biopsy on the cyst so that they would know if it’s cancerous or not.


However, if it does not grow in size, a woman should have nothing to worry about. It is also sometimes related to other cervical diseases like chronic cervicitis which is characterized by the inflammation of their cervix.


Causes of Cervical Cysts


Cervical cysts are most commonly seen in women of childbearing age. It is often accompanied with menstruation and child birth.


It is seen that after delivery the cervical tissue repairs and grows by itself thereby covering the mucous glands and thus leading to cervical cyst.



During menopause, the mucosal lining of vagina and cervix becomes thinner, thereby putting woman post 40s at more risk for cervical cysts.


Treatment Options Available for Cervical Cysts


Aside from surgery, some possible treatments that you can undergo if you’re cysts are already growing in size and shows other symptoms are as follows: cauterization and cryo freezing. However, this may help get rid of the previous cyst but it does not guarantee that the disease will not resurface again.



This is why it has to keep your regular appointments with your doctor so that you would know if any change in your body happens. If you detect any changes early, you would be able to prevent any possible diseases from popping up.


Early Safety and Awareness is Important in Treating Cervical Cysts


By knowing these symptoms, you will be able to check if you do have this condition. Although it is not harmful to your health, it would be best if you still seek medical opinion before you jump into conclusions about cervical cysts. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Remember that any kind of cysts in your body can mean that something is wrong with its functioning. So, you have to be very careful when trying to examine your physical condition. Do not attempt to do anything to your body if you are not sure of its effects.


In today’s fast paced environment, it is important that we take care of ourselves even more. If we do this, we would prevent various diseases from attacking our body, allowing us to live our lives fully.


In addition to this, it would also help for you to try and know all that you can about the various diseases that may affect your genitalia. If you do this, you would be able to protect yourself from any possible causes of physical impairment.

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