Cherish Chinese Green Tea

The Chinese green tea as the name suggests was originated in China. Various researches has been conducted on the Chinese green tea and it was found that a substance called catechin which is found in teas which induces weight loss, was quantitatively more in Chinese green tea when compared to the other varieties of tea. Catechin aids in increasing the metabolism rate in the body which helps in burning fat and as a result appropriate weight loss occurs. Polyphenol, which is a component of Chinese green tea, is known to control the development of appetite by regulating the functioning of a hormone called leptin. Leptin can be defined as a form of protein that stores fat in the body. If the amount of leptin in the body increases then increased quantity of fats will be stored in the body. And decreased level of leptin will decrease the hunger pangs experienced by a person. It is through decreasing the amount of leptin, Chinese green tea helps people to loose weight naturally. Chinese green tea can trigger a process called thermogenesis. By this process the body is able to generate heat through which the rate of metabolism gets increased. By increasing the rate of metabolism through thrmogenesis, Chinese green tea facilitates the method of weight loss.

It is advisable to drink at least one cup of Chinese green tea for people who are suffering from heart diseases and also for people who wish to loose weight. There have been cases where patients have got rid of their body pain and headaches, just by consuming Chinese green tea. So it shows that Chinese green tea has a lot healing properties besides boosting the weight loss process. A cup of Chinese green tea can also help you to lighten up your mood thereby helping you to escape the gloomy environment created through depression. Chinese people have been using Chinese green tea for thousands of years and have derived a lot of benefits from it.

Many of us do not suffer from the problem of weight loss but we still can have high levels of bad cholesterol in the body.  This bad cholesterol can give birth to many types of heart diseases. The level of bad cholesterol can be reduced by consuming Chinese green tea as it comprises of an element called poplyphenols which prevents bad cholesterol from entering the arteries. The consumption of Chinese green tea will bear effective results when you lead a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy diet. One should opt for high protein and low fat foods. Mild exercises will help the Chinese green tea to function better and give better results. A Chinese green tea can also be used to prepare mouthwash at home. Take a couple of leaves of the green tea and add a small amount of boiling water to it. When the temperature of the mixture comes to the room temperature then it can be used as a mouthwash. Tooth decay can be prevented by consuming Chinese green tea.

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