Cheryl Cole Botox Eyebrows

Off late, Cheryl Cole has been spotted in an event after which speculations have started that she had undergone botox treatment for her eyebrows. But Cheryl claims that she had not undergone botox and the evident change in her looks is due to over plucking of the eyebrows. Besides the botox eyebrows, there has been news that Cheryl had undergone botox treatment for her lips. This speculation was started when some days back, her lips looked plumper than usual. And her lips seemed like it was experiencing some kind of allergic reaction. These sort of allergic reactions are generally developed if a person uses fillers to plump up their lips. But Cheryl have not accepted that she had got fillers for her lips, but if you take a look at her photos, then it completely says a different story. The fashion of getting plumper lips began in the late eighties, when collagen was used as filler. 



Cheryl Cole in one of her recent interviews, have said that she is too young to fret over botox and it is definitely not the right time to for her to think about botox. Many other celebrities, besides Cheryl Cole, have undergone botox procedures and most of them have denied about any news which re related to their botox adventures. With Cheryl’s latest pictures it becomes very easy to figure out that she has been taking the help of botox.


Many people claim that Cheryl got inspiration for getting botox treatment from her friend Victoria Beckham. As per reports, Cheryl Cole spends around thirty thousand dollars just on her appearance and it can include several botox treatments. Based on her latest photos, the media has claimed that she might have undergone rhinoplasty as well as breast augmentation. Many doctors claim, that Cheryl has taken the aid of botox, to get a makeover but she has not experienced drastic changes due to botox as she is quite young and she does not need too much of botox treatments. Louis Walsh, who is one of the judges in X Factor has claimed that all the other judges of the show has undergone botox. When Walsh was asked whether he had undergone any botox treatments then he did not deny the reports and accepted that he had undergone botox as a part of maintenance procedure. Walsh’s comments had created a lot of confusion in the media because Cheryl had always denied about her botox treatments.  

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