Cholesterol Harmful Effects

Cholesterol is basically a fatty substance, which has the propensity to block the arteries when its level crosses the normal levels. When the arteries get blocked, then the chances of heart attacks also increase. One can maintain the cholesterol level by following a healthy diet. In order to prepare a healthy diet one must acquaint themselves with the foods which help in reducing cholesterol levels. Generally foods like garlic, fresh fruits, green tea and fiber rich foods should be included in a diet in order to keep the cholesterol levels in control. 

Foods which are filled with saturated fats should be avoided as it can increase the cholesterol levels in the body which in turn can develop several kinds of diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common cholesterol harmful effects. It is very important to treat high levels of cholesterol on time, so that conditions like heart attacks, strokes, etc can be averted. Simvastatin is one of the most common treatments that are often recommended for treatments related to high cholesterol. This medication helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in the body, by preventing the production of low density lipoproteins and as a result the level of cholesterol in blood tends to decrease. The medication is generally prescribed for consumption especially at the night time because the liver produces cholesterol during the night. 

High cholesterol levels are mainly attributed to genetic reasons or an unhealthy diet. The amount of cholesterol is much higher in animal foods and hence they should be consumed in moderation. If the cholesterol level does not decrease despite following a healthy diet and regular exercises, then it is necessary to consult a doctor regarding the condition. Olive oil, vegetables, low fat milk, fresh fruits, etc should be included in the diet plan, as they contain very less amount of cholesterol. The symptoms of high cholesterol are not experienced by people at an early stage; therefore it is important to a visit a doctor for regular checkups. In most of the cases, the cholesterol levels can be lowered just by instilling certain changes in the lifestyle. If the cholesterol level does not decrease after bringing in changes in the lifestyle, then maybe medication should be introduced to control the cholesterol levels. Mostly heart attacks takes place because of the cholesterol harmful effects as it ends up blocking the arteries and people can hardly experience any symptoms for it, therefore it is necessary to undergo regular tests in order to maintain normal cholesterol levels. 

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