Choosing the Right Infertility Treatment

The treatment for infertility can be classified into two main groups’ viz. medical methods, complementary and alternative methods. The use of medical devices, fertility medication, surgery or a combination of the above techniques comes under the category of medical treatment. The doctors generally advice a course of ovarian stimulating medication if the female reproduction system is in a healthy stage and the sperm is also of good quality. In some case a contraception cap cervical cap is also suggested by the physician, which is used at home by the patient.

Apart from them other techniques such as acupuncture, group psychological intervention, and manual physical therapy come under the category of complementary and alternative methods. It is very important that you choose a correct infertility treatment for yourself to achieve desired results. Because an incorrect treatment will only drag you towards depression with never ending treatments without any positive sign or hope and you may ultimately land up with no results or realize that the treatment that you were undergoing was of no use to you when it’s too late.

Determination of the best infertility treatment for you depends on various factors, among which the most important one is the root cause of infertility. For example the treatment suggested to a person who is suffering from infertility because of lack of certain hormones inside the body may be different from the treatment suggested to a person who has some abnormalities associated with the reproductive system. One should not blindly follow the treatment suggested by the doctor to other couple without concerning the doctor.

Other important criterions for making the decision of best infertility treatment are preferences for the method of becoming a parent, overall health, age; gender etc. physical examination of the patient is the first step towards the treatment of infertility which helps in the determination of the correct treatment. A physical examination should always be performed by a medical professional; it will help in the analysis of the primary conditions that may engrave the problem of infertility. As an example thyroid or STD or any such disease may hinder conception. Also to pinpoint out the couple’s or an individual’s reproductive health, targeted fertility testing may be conducted.

After the completion of physical examination, the doctor then discusses with the patient, the problems discovered during the physical examination that may be the cause of infertility and also suggest the treatment that should be followed. As an example, the problem disclosed during physical examination is low sperm count then the doctor may suggest the patient hormone replacement treatment, treatment of infections or even surgery to boost up the sperm count and your chances to impregnate. Artificial insemination is an alternative technique being followed if the treatment methods do not work or do not appeal to the patient or the couple.

In some cases because of the patient’s wish to avoid the surgery, the best of the infertility treatment remains apparent. For example in the case of a woman whose fallopian tubes are blocked and who do not wish to go with surgical methods, the best treatment that could be suggested by the doctor may be in vitro fertilization with donor eggs. However if the couple wishes that the child be biologically related to the mother then surgery or any other such method that can unblock the fallopian tubes can be suggested by the doctor.

Age is also one of the significant factors that play an important role in the selection of infertility treatment. Cost is yet another factor making an impact in the decision of infertility treatment since some of the infertility treatments are just too costly requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to be spent over the treatment. On the whole a couple or an individual may support at least part of this choice on affordability.

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