Cleansing Milk to Remove your Makeup

Cleansing is an important part of beauty regime as the polluted environment can damage our skin through dust and grime. It is essential therefore to cleanse and repair the skin every night before retiring for the day.  By using cleansing milk you can completely remove the grime, dirt and makeup you’re your skin and also open up clogging of the pores


Oily skins needs more cleansing as the skin gets clogged with impurities easily through the open pores.  The natural form of cleanser is cold milk that should be applied on the face and after a few minutes wiped away with moist cotton wool. 


Cleansers are generally creamy and will not lather. Apply it on your skin with your finger tips and then splash cool water to remove to wash it off.  Cleansers will not strip the natural oils or lipids from the skin. It is better to use a moisturizer after cleansing.  In the mornings splash cold water on your face and follow it up by moisturizer.  Light cleansing milk is good for summer months and creamy types work well during winter.   Deep cleansing milk is a formulation that penetrates deeply into the skin to remove dirt and other impurities. Regular use of this makes your skin clean, healthy and radiant.


Procedure to Cleanse the Skin


Some people may use makeup remover and a separate eye makeup remover. The cleanser is used after that. The first thing to do is to wash your hands. Use a gentle makeup remover by spreading it on your face and neck evenly massaging with your finger tips using a circular motion and upward movement.  Rinse with lukewarm water and use damp cloth. If you are taking a shower use a non-alkaline soap or cleanser to cleanse your face.  In the morning the overnight secretion from your oil glands of your face can be removed by using an stringent. Then you can apply moisturizer and follow it up with makeup.


Home Made Cleanser to Remove Your Makeup


Buttermilk and Fennel Cleansing Milk 

This is home made cleansing milk is used for oily skin.  Take half cup of butter milk and 2 tablespoonfuls of crushed fennel seeds. Boil the fennel seeds in milk for about 30 minutes. Remove, cool and store in a bottle and refrigerate. This can be used for 2 weeks as a cleanser for your skin.



Honey Cleanser (For Dry Skin)

Take a teaspoon of honey and castile soap and mix into a lather. Wet your face and apply this lather. Wash off with cold water.


Milk and Honey Cleanser 

Make a mixture of 1 teaspoon of warm honey and 1 table spoon of milk and apply on your face. Using circular motions spread it on the face and neck. Wash off with cold water. 



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