Colored Eye Liner Application Tips

Beautiful and attractive eyes are one of the best assets a woman can have. In order to enhance the beauty of eyes various cosmetic products are available in the market. The variety ranges from eye shadows to eye liners and mascaras. They are available in many shades and colors. The proper use of eye liners can bring about a complete change in ones look and personality thereby enhancing the confidence level. Though black is the most commonly used color for daily usage, the variety and range of colors and products available are vast.


Selection of Colored Eye liner

One of the basic step is selection of the eyeliner to suite your convenience of application and skin tone. Chose the one that matches the color of your eyes. For e.g. if you have light eyes then you can select among brown, bronze or plum colored eye liners while in contrast black eye liner is best for dark colored eyes. For brown eyes, green eyeliner is the best. For blue and attractive green eyes, silver and charcoal eye liner can add a charm.

For those who are using it for first time, it is recommended to use pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner will give nice soft look as well as precision to your eyes.

Types of Colored Eyeliners

Eyeliners are available in various forms i.e. Pencil, gel, liquid or cream based.

Depending on the occasion finalize the color, type and the thickness of eyeliner. Colors can be decided based on the color of your eyes and general skin tone for instance shades of brown can be used for green eyes and shades of blue or even silver may be used for blue eyes. As part of day makeup the application preferred would be thinner and thicker application for evening or late night events.

Process of Application for Colored Eyeliners

Always maintain a comfortable position so as to have a steady hand while applying eyeliner. If you are not comfortable that you can support your elbows by placing it on a firm surface. Ensure that the point is sharp while using pencil eyeliners and to shake the liquid eyeliner well before application. When using the brush, ensure that the excess liquid is removed. It may be applied in one stroke or by using dotted lines. The liner may be applied along the actual shape of your eyes or may be altered to give more shapely eyes.

Applying colored Eye Liner to the Upper Eyelash


While applying on the upper eyelash the eyeliner should be applied along the edge of the eyelashes and the same should not cover the tear gland area and neither should it be extended too much towards the corner of the eyes.

 Applying colored Eye Liner to the Lower Eyelash

Should be applied starting from the inner area towards the outer area till the end not exceeding too much beyond. Do not apply on inner rim of the eye as it tends to smudge and may spoil your looks.

Finally dust the eye with powder for enhancing the looks.

Things to take care of while using colored eyeliners

  1. As pencil liner is less prone to distortion so it becomes easy to apply it on the lower eye lash.

  2. If you have got small eyes then you can avoid using eye liner on the lower eye lashes.  

  3. Avoid using a colored eye liner while creating thick lines. They are best suited for thin lines.

  4. Do not apply the eyeliner completely around the eyes.

  5. Do not share your makeup products as they can cause infections, especially eye makeup products since eyes are very sensitive and prone to infections.

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