Common Birth Control Side Effects

side effects of birth control pillsWith the emergence of birth control pills, women have the ability to plan their lives and careers accordingly. The efficiency of the birth contraceptives is around ninety nine percent. The birth control pills are quite effective but still many people are wary of using them because of its side effects. Oral contraceptive pills should not be consumed by women who are above the age of thirty five and have heart diseases. One of the most common birth control side effects is the development of breast or ovary cancer. So women, who are planning to use birth control pills and have a family history of cancer, should take the advice of the doctor prior to the consumption of the same. Women tend to put on around three kilos of weight in a year, when they are using birth control pills. At times, the weight gain might simply be due to the slow metabolism rate. Today women do not want the hassles of weight gain through birth control pills as everybody wants to maintain a skinny frame.


Bloating is one of the common birth control side effects as it has been found that there is a strong connection between water retention and the birth control pills. The amount of estrogen that is present in the birth control pills can give rise to bloating because of the fluid retention in the body. If you find that the birth control pill that is being used by you consists of high estrogen dosage then it is better to shift to a pill which has lower estrogen dosage, so that you can curb the unwanted weight gain.


Some of the common birth control side effects such as chest pain, cramps in the abdomen needs the doctor’s attention as these side effects are extreme in nature. There are many supplements that can be taken in order to reduce the amount of fluid retention in the body. Since the birth control pills has the ability of change the level of certain hormones in the body, which in turn can cause depression. In certain cases it has been found that women, who use birth control pills, face problems related to lactation after the birth of the baby. Many women face difficulties to conceive a baby just after discontinuing the birth control pills as the effects of these pills remains in the body for some time. It is important to consult your doctor first before having the birth control pills so that you can get to know about its side effects in detail.

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