Crash And Quick Results Diet Plan


There are several types of diet plans that are in vogue. You can choose whichever you want but what is important here is that you have to stick to the plan and not back out mid-way. Whatever is the diet plan that you adopt, you should be sure that you will like it as otherwise there is a high chance of you abandoning it in the middle. It is also not good to restart the abandoned diet plan as it may have some side effects in your body.  


Motivation Required Before Starting a Diet Plan


Cabbage Soup Diet for Weight Loss: There is a popular belief though it is not proven that, if you diet on cabbage soup, you can reduce a significant amount of weight as cabbages are known for discarding fat stored in the body of a person. But, to plan a diet that includes consuming cabbage soup alone for a week, you should have a liking for it. Otherwise, you will change your mind after a day and at the same time you may lose the motivation to try any type of a diet in the future. You can consume bananas and fat-free milk in this diet plan. As cabbage is low in fat and calories and high in fiber, you will not feel hungry due to the filling effect of the fiber. You need to consult a doctor as this is an extreme type of diet.



Grapefruit Before the Meals: Another idea for a crash diet is to eat a grapefruit before consuming your regular meals. Some other ideas of crash dieting are - dieting only on eggs, dieting on only raw foods and fasting & eating normally on alternate days. There is no support for such diets as they are extreme in nature and may not be good for your body.


Low Carbohydrate and High Fat Diet: In addition to such fast methods proposed for shedding weight, the other idea is to adopt a low carbohydrate cum high fat diet – more and more people are of the feeling that this is the ideal diet plan. The diet supports only ten percent carbohydrate, sixty percent fat and the rest being protein. But the weight loss that results by following this diet plan may not be permanent.


CH, Fats and Protein is Proportion: The other method of dieting follows the following ratio:  sixty percent carbohydrate, twenty-five percent fats and fifteen percent protein. This is a balanced diet as the plan supports in favor of consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, salmon etc.


Low Fat Foods for Weight Loss


Yet another dieting plan involves consuming very low fat or low fat foods:


In this method, thirteen percent consumed foods are fat and seventy percent is carbohydrate. The remaining sixteen percent is protein. You are not allowed to eat meat and you have to stick to vegetables as vegetables are known for very low fat content.


You should analyze on which type of diet would prove beneficial as every type of diet mentioned has its own advantages and drawbacks. You should be aware of the fact that some or all diet plans do not offer a permanent solution for weight loss. 


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