Daily Skin Care Routine

The most important part of a good beauty routine in undoubtedly a skin care routine. The skin has myriad functions- it protects the body’s internal organs from the environment, it functions as a sensory organ besides helping the body remove sweat from the body. The skin is an indicator of health and vitality and healthy. Glowing and a flawless skin is hailed as a sign of beauty in all cultures.

Tips to Maintain the Health of Skin


1. To keep the skin soft and youthful, it is imperative to keep it moisturised and healthy from within. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water is essential to keep the skin hydrated.


2. A balanced diet containing plenty of raw salads and fruits add a natural glow to the skin.  Additional fluids in the form of green tea and juices may be consumed to nourish the skin.



3. Nothing harms the skin as much as smoking and constant exposure to the sun. To keep your skin beautiful, avoid smoking and going out in the sun without sunscreen protection.


4. Follow a daily skin care routine of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising for beautiful skin.


Daily Skin Care Routine



The skin is constantly exposed to the environment, it attracts grime and pollutants in the air. The secretions from the sweat and oil glands settle on the surface of the skin. If cosmetics are also applied , the mixture of cosmetics, sweat, grime, oil and dust form a layer on the skin which provide a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. The layer blocks the pores of the skin, not allowing the skin to breathe. The result is dull skin with acne and pimples.


The skin must be thoroughly cleansed of all dirt using a cleanser suited to the skin type. There are medicated cleansers available for oily skins and mild ones for dry skin. Apply a small quantity of the cleanser on a cotton ball and rub all over the face and neck. After a minute or two, use a cotton ball to thoroughly clean the skin.

Wash the face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean washcloth




Use of a toner is essential to close the open pores in the skin. Dip a cotton ball in alcohol free toner and rub over the face in upward strokes. Once dry, splash cold water on the face and let dry.

Moisturising: Use a suitable moisturiser to keep your skin soft. Take a small quantity of moisturiser on a cotton ball and apply over the face. Use an under eye moisturizer on the under eye area.


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