Diet Plan To Get Rid Of Hypertension

If you have been afflicted by high blood pressure then you will need to keep a vigilant watch on your diet if you want it to be controlled by natural means and without resorting to lifelong medication.


1.   Continuous research has proved that dietary control plays a major role in high blood pressure control and management.


2.   Hence, let us look at the things that you should avoid and have more of.


3.   Have more of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products which are low in saturated and trans-fats. This should also be low in cholesterol and high in fiber.



4.   Have more of foods that have potassium, calcium and magnesium in it. This will be potatoes, bananas, whole wheat grains, okra and low fat milk products.


5.   Do not have too much of proteins. In meats avoid red meats and opt for lean white meats such as chicken and fish.


6.   Reduce the amount of salt that you consume. Salt will retain more water in your body and hence there will be more strain on the blood vessels. The salt that you consume per day should not be above the recommended 2400 mg.


7.   Eat more of natural foods then cooked and processed kind. Avoid foods thwich are packed and packaged such as bottled, canned and tinned as they have a high level of salt and sugar in them.


8.   Binge on nuts, fruits and seeds.


9.   Add more herbs and spices to your cooking. This will not only flavor your dish and add on health benefits for you but also restrict the use of salt.


10.   Reach out for fish. Eat omega 3 enriched fish such as tuna, sardines, mackerals.


11.   Flavor your food liberally with ginger, lemon and chilli rather than salt or pickles and sauces.


12.   Avoid drinks such as carbonated and club sodas. Instead reach out for freshly squeezed juices or plain water.


13.   Keep yourself away from the harmful effects of alcohol and cigarettes. They will certainly do no good for your health instead help in raising your blood pressure.


14.   Avoid fat laden cheeses, spreads, and mayonnaise. Rather reach for low-fat butter to spread on your toast.


15.   Do not eat refined carbohydrates. Make sure that you have whole grain bread rather than the white variety on your plate.


16.   Reduce the amount of sweets and sugary stuff that you eat.


17.   Slowly and regularly add the number of helpings of vegetables that you eat everyday and reduce the meat portions.


18.   Have plenty of salads and soups before meals. This will fill you up and not allow you to eat more of the main course which is usually heavier and has more fat, proteins and carbohydrates.


19.   Be careful when you eat salads with dressings on them. Use natural salad dressing such as vinegar, lemon juice to spike it up.


20.   Add onions, shallots and scallions to rice to enrich it and make it into a healthy broth.

Try out these diet tips and you will not be hounded by blood pressure for sure.

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