Different Methods Of Birth Control

Birth control falls under the family planning topic for couples. There are various views about birth control when it is viewed from the religious and cultural angles. There are different methods that are used by couples as each has its own significant characteristics: 


First, a listing of the methods will be provided so that it can be discussed in detail. The birth control methods are divided into two broad categories namely: Behavioral methods and Physical methods:


The following methods fall under the Physical methods:

  1. Sterilization

  2. Intrauterine methods

  3. Emergency contraception

  4. Ormeloxifene

  5. Hormonal methods

  6. Barrier methods

The methods under Behavioral methods have been listed here:

  1. Lactational

  2. Total abstinence

  3. Avoiding vaginal intercourse

  4. Coitus interruptus

  5. Fertility awareness

The physical methods will be elaborated first: Sterilization methods are available for both men and women. It is considered to be a permanent method of birth control though it is possible to reverse the action. Non – surgical methods too are available in Sterilization methods. Intrauterine methods involve inserting devices into the uterus of the woman. There are different types of such devices that are recommended for women. Emergency contraception involves the intake of pills. Such intake must be done under medical supervision, i.e., after consulting a registered medical practitioner.



The other name for Ormeloxifene medication is Centchroman. It is not only non-steroidal but is also non-hormonal. This medication has been used from the early years of 1990s. The trade names of Ormeloxifene are Sevista and Centron. It is a SERM (Selective estrogen receptor modulator). Hormonal methods use hormonal contraception pills and the Patch. Barrier methods use barriers for preventing contraception.


Regarding Behavioral methods, let us start the discussion with Fertility awareness. Fertility awareness means are called methods that are based upon symptoms. This method relies upon the observation of the lady’s fertility signs in her body. These signs will indicate the infertile and fertile phases of the fertility cycle. The doctor will advise you to track one or more fertility signs of the body so that your judgment is correct.


Another method that falls under the Behavioral methods is the Lactational method. This method uses the natural infertile period that sets in immediately after the child is born. This can be used to the woman’s advantage as this is a natural time frame that is free of side effects. The other natural method is abstinence. This reduces the chance of becoming pregnant to nearly zero. This can be used along with the other methods that help in birth control.


Doctors will be able to recommend the best birth control method/methods taking the age and physical conditions of the couple. The couple can decide on who is more suitable for undertaking birth control measure. The couple can also clarify the common myths that are associated with birth control with the doctor. The percentage of effectiveness is different for different methods; thus, it is good to consider the best method as effectiveness is quite important.

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