Different Types Of Headaches


It is necessary to have adequate knowledge about the different types of headaches because only then you will be able to choose the appropriate treatment plan for your problem.


Headaches can be primarily differentiated into eight types: migraine, cluster, tension, acute, mixed, sinus, rebound, and inflammatory.


Migraine Headache


The migraine headache will cause a throbbing sensation in the head. The pain can last for a period of four hours to three days. There are some patients who suffer from migraine headaches for about four times on a monthly basis.


Symptoms of Migraine: The main symptoms of migraine headache is vomiting, pain on both or either side of the head, pain in the abdominal area, and dearth of appetite. Women are most likely to suffer from migraine headache than their male counterparts. This can be mainly attributed to the fluctuation of a hormone named estrogen, during the various stages of menstrual cycle. At times migraine headaches can be due to heredity as well.  



Patient also complains of sensitivity to light, noise or odor. In case of children having migraine, s/he looks pale, dizzy and complains of blurred vision along with fever and stomach upset.


Reason for Migraine: Due to change in the neurovascular activity there are certain triggers in brain activity that leads to migraine headache.


Tension Headache


Tension headache is another form of headache. This type of headache occurs when a person experiences stress abnormal amount of stress regularly. The pain can range from mild to moderate. The pain can last for a couple of days. Some people who experience tension headaches have the notion that they suffer from migraines, but in reality their pain crops up due to tension or stress filled situations.


Symptoms of Tension Headache: The most common symptoms of tension headache are dizziness, insomnia, lack of concentration at the work in hand, etc.



Reason for Tension Headache: Contraction of muscles in the head that leads to mild to severe pain.


Cluster Headache


Cluster headache is the most severe type of headache and is least common. Majority of the people do not experience this type of headache.


Symptoms of Cluster Headache: The major symptoms of cluster headache are fear, restlessness, pain in the eye, insomnia, etc. This form of headache is mainly experienced by people who belong to the age group of twenty to forty years. Most of the times the cluster headache can strike three times every day and it can last for a period of three months. Cluster headache is most likely to occur during a specific time every day.



The pain is so severe that the patient becomes unstable and paces to and fro.


Sinus Headache


Sinus headache is more prominent among people who suffer from some kind of allergy. The pain can be felt in the forehead and the bridge of the nose. The pain increases when a person makes an attempt to shift his head to a different direction or try to strain his eye to focus on something.


Symptoms: Discharge from the nose is the most prominent symptom for sinus headache. There is feeling of fullness in the ears accompanied with fever and facial puffiness.


Mixed Headache


Mixed headache is basically the combination of tension headache and migraine headache. So a person will get to experience symptoms of both these types of headaches.


Symptoms of Mixed Headache: Acute headaches occur all of a sudden and it does not last for a long span of time. This type of pain is felt when a person is under extreme stress and the pain ceases when the person gets relief from stress.


Rebound Headache


Rebound headache is experienced as a result of some reaction to certain medications (taken for headache) consumed by a person. Inflammatory headache takes place as a result of some injury or skull disorder. This type of headache is popularly known as traction headache.

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