Digital Rectal Examination

The examination of the lower rectum through digital data is called as digital rectal exam. The doctors use lubricated glove to check for abnormalities inside the rectum.

Let’s have a look at how the digital rectum exam is performed. First of all, the outer region of the anus is examined for haemorrhoids or fissures. This has to be done under the supervision of a medical expert. After examining the outer area of the anus, the doctor will wear lubricated latex gloves. The lubricated finger will be inserted into the rectum. For females, digital rectal exam can be conducted along with a pelvic exam. Now, let us discuss about the ways to prepare for the digital rectal exam.
First of all, the doctor will ask you to relax and feel comfortable before the test is conducted. You need to take a deep breath and try to relax your body and mind. You must continue taking deep breaths while the finger is being inserted into the rectum. A mild discomfort can be experienced during digital rectal exam. This test comes under the routine examination which is performed once a year for both men and women. There are various reasons for conducting digital rectal examination. For men, digital rectal exam is conducted to test for prostate cancer or abnormality of the genitals or to examine the prostate. For women, digital rectal exam will be performed by a gynaecologist during the routine gynaecologic examination.
Digital rectal exam is also conducted to check hidden colorectal cancer inside the colon. Most of the doctors recommend digital rectal exam because the stool can provide lot of information about the diseases that are being spread and developed inside the rectum. Digital rectal exam is usually conducted before the patient is referred for other tests such as colonoscopy. This is done in order to determine that there is no blockage of the rectum before any medical instrument is inserted inside the rectum for conducting digital tests. This test is also conducted to check if there are any enlargements of the prostate glands in males. If there is any tumour, the doctor can feel a hard lump when he/she inserts the finger into the rectum.
Digital rectal exam is a routine examination which is conducted to check for cancerous disease being spread inside the human body. In women, digital rectal exam is conducted to check for problems relating to reproductive organs like uterus and ovary. This test is also done along with Pap test and pelvic examination. Women can experience symptoms like vaginal bleeding or pain in the pelvis, etc. This test is helpful in detecting diseases after experiencing rectal bleeding in both men and women. A sample of stool is also taken during digital rectal exam in order to test for the presence of blood in the stool.
Digital rectal exam is conducted for checking if there are any kinds of tumor or cancerous diseases spread inside the colon and stomach. This might cause complications in both men and women and therefore conducting digital rectal exam is very essential.

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