Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is the upcoming trend that benefits partners who are about to separate. The procedure helps them thrash out issues in the presence of a neutral mediator.    

Divorce mediation can be
  • In different forms and styles
  • Always confidential
  • Unbiased and impartial
  • Divorce mediation can take place in front of a lawyer
  • Mediation is usually voluntary; at times it may be ordered by the court
  • The neutral mediator cannot represent either of the partners
The biggest advantage in divorce mediation is that the conflict between partners get settled in as amicable a way as possible because of the welcome presence of a person who is respected by both of them. Also, the mediator will not represent either partner and treats both partners with equal respect and trust.  Mediation also provides a solution to parenting the children in a manner that facilitates minimum discomfort for the children, after the divorce. 
The neutral person involved in divorce mediation would probably
  • Lay down the facts about the issues involved in the separation clearly before the two partners
  • Make them aware of what the circumstances would be post separation
  • Elaborate the economics of jointly running the family and taxation procedures that will benefit both
  • In short, a mediator communicates extensively with both partners, in order to help them reach the divorce decision
  • The mediator may have to meet the spouses separately in the initial stages in order to persuade them to reach the discussion table
Court ordered mediation
Usually, when only one partner files for divorce and the custody of the children becomes a complicated issue, then the court may order for mediation. This mediation will encourage parents to enter into an amicable solution to benefit them and the children and give room for no hostility. This type of mediation will go on until a satisfactory solution is identified.
Cost of mediation
Mediation costs vary widely and are determined by several factors. In general it is seen that mediators charge by the hour and may cost you from $100 to $300 per hour. Court ordered mediation is not charged. However much you may be charged for mediation, it is important to know that a full length divorce procedure conducted without a mediator will cost much much more.  
Means to locate a mediator
  • Friends and family who have had a divorce using a mediator can recommend someone
  • If you have already approached a lawyer for the divorce proceedings, he too can help you find a mediator , usually from the legal fraternity
  • Approach the local family law court to procure an apt referral
  • Marriage counselors may help you locate a divorce mediator
  • Approach the Academy of Family Mediators
  • Research on the Internet, or in the neighboring pubic library
Blurb:  Divorce mediation is usually done by a person who is neutral to the issues and the partners involved in the divorce. The mediation may be voluntary or court ordered. While voluntary mediators may charge $100 to $300, court ordered mediation is free. Locating a mediator can be done in several ways, including a search on the Internet

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