Do Genes Play A Role In Obesity

Again and again, it is repeatedly said that obesity is dangerous for our lives. When a person becomes an obese or overweight, the type of disease he is prone to varies from one person to another. This is because different people have different body mass, height and weight.

Do genes have something to do with obesity? Well, this question has stirred the minds of obese people and others who want to know about the genetic problems caused by obesity. Genes are found as an organism inside a human body. According to scientific report, it was found that genes indeed play a vital role in gaining weight or becoming obesity. There are certain genes that cause obesity. Obesity will cause disorder of genes in a human body and one of the examples of it is the Bardet-Biedi syndrome. The shape of our body is according to the genes. For example: Women body will have feminine shape and men’s body will have muscular shape.

However, if genetic imbalance is caused, people may lose or gain weight with a huge difference. With genetic imbalance, most of the people become obese and very less become underweight. Apart from the genes, lack of exercise and overeating causes obesity in the human body. Therefore, one must always be careful while maintaining the body mass as it should be balanced, i.e. not too high or not too low. Genes affect people in two ways. They are:

  1.     Autosomal recessive.

  2.     Autosomal dominant.

The genetic products such as Leptin, Leptin Receptor, proopiomelanocortin, Human homolog of Drosophila Single-Minded are examples of Autosomal recessive genes. Prohormone Convertase 1 is an example of Autosomal dominant. Obesity can be inherited within the family. When the human genes start to release imbalanced hormones, it may pass on to the generation or offspring. The topic of infertility has mainly been discussed on many forums saying that obesity can lead to a genetic disorder.

When obese couple, with imbalanced genes, conceive, there is a great chance for the child to be born as a lesbian or transsexual. Otherwise, the infant is likely to become an obese at a very young age before stepping into teenage. However, obesity can be controlled by changing our eating habits and following routine exercises. Today, there are lots of health and fitness centres and it is easy to seek counselling from the professionals. Internet has also helped us a lot in getting information about genes and obesity. There are so many website where you can find all information about genetic influence caused by obesity.

If a child is educated about the problems related to obesity, then this dreadful disease can be controlled at an early age, before it is too late. If the parents have unhealthy eating habits and become obese before conceiving, there is a chance for the genetic problem to pass on to the child through delivery. Following proper diet plan and regular exercise can help combat obesity and hence a person can be prevented from having genetic disorders.

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