Do Head Massages Prevent Hair Loss

The two major factors responsible for hair loss are genetic factors or immune system disorders. The best way to prevent hair loss or at least minimize the danger of losing hair is self awareness.  Head massage, the act of rubbing and putting pressure on scalp with fingers, improves blood circulation at the hair roots and strengthens them. Apart from this head massage is also effective in combating premature graying of hair. Hence, it can be concluded that head massage will certainly prevent hair loss



How to prevent Hair Loss by Head Massage


A thorough head massage is essential and as it is important to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. By massaging the head the hair follicles are stimulated and the nutrients reach the hair follicles so that the health and texture of the hair is enhanced. Head Massage calms the nerves resulting in overall well being of the body. So, head massage plays a key role in preventing the stress and thus hair loss.

That head massage therapy is not something new.  It is an age old habit that has got its new life as people have started looking at this therapy as an alternative form of treatment for preventing hair loss.  Let us take a look into the benefits of head massage and see how it can help in preventing hair loss and improve your overall health and well- being.


How to do Head Massage


 Everyday spend about 5-10 minutes massaging your hair with your fingers. Move your fingers in circular motion across all over the head starting from the temporal parts to the occipital area. Apply the necessary pressure to the areas.  Yoga exercises like headstand are recommended for proper blood circulation to all the parts, especially the hair follicles to stimulate growth. Head massage is a simpler method to activate the hair follicles leading to prevention of hair loss.

Over a period of time the head massage therapy has also evolved and has extended to the body parts such as neck, face and shoulders.  Hair loss can be prevented by keeping the scalp and hair clean and healthy thereby allowing the pores to breathe.  By activating glands and strengthening hair roots, head massage prevents hair loss.


The steps for Head Massage

  1. Stand with your feet apart and start breathing deeply.

  2. Bend from the waist till the level of your head fall under the waist area.

  3. Bring in your feet close to each other and start rubbing your head with your knuckles over your head.

  4. Bring your body to the normal level and continue massaging your head.

  5. Do not massage roughly. Massage gently and thoroughly.

  6. Repeat the massage everyday for about ten minutes.


Choosing the best hair massage oil


 Depending upon your hair, you can select the hair massage oil available in the market. For e.g. if you have brittle hair with split ends then it is advised to use almond, sesame or lavender oil for massaging.


If you have thinning hair then go for coconut oil hair massage. Rosemary hair oil can also be a good option. Using both oils simultaneously makes a good combination as coconut oil retards hair shedding process while rosemary oil stimulates new hair growth.



Benefits of head massage


Head massage apart from having various physical benefits also offers psychological benefits. Few to be quoted are:

  1. Scalp massage hair growth: Effective scalp massage improves the blood circulation to head and neck region and thus enhancing the exchange of oxygen and essential nutrients and hence prevents hair loss.

  2. Scalp massage to improve hair texture: It removes the toxic products by improving the lymphatic drainage and improves the quality and growth of hair.

  3. Massage to improve blood circulation: Breaks the stiffness of neck and shoulder region and improves the circulation of blood to the scalp.

  4. Massage therapy: Head massage done at the end of the day acts as a stress reliever and is a good cure for stress induced headache.

  5. Ayurvedic Massage: It balances the energy centres of the body and thus body can work in more harmonious manner.



So, to summarize head massage is the simplest and safest form of massage that enhances the hair growth and providing relief from stress and headaches.

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