Do Mobile Phones Cause Skin Rashes

The total basis of networking and business in today’s world is mainly due to the high range use of the telephones and more importantly the mobile phones or cellular phones. Every single person from a school going kid to a famous university lecturer, from a typical poor street vendor to an super rich businessman, cell phones have now become a vital part of our daily routine and obviously our daily lifestyle.

A mobile phones basis and general use is to make calls and talk to people who are out of reach otherwise on the distance basis. But, as the time is continuously ticking on the technical positive points is also advancing day by day or better to say minute by minute. These advances facilities are like the SMS (short messaging service), MMS (multimedia messaging service), the service of infrared rays and the Bluetooth which enables the person to get the data transferred from one of the phone instrument to the other. These extra facilities increase the value of the cellular mobile phones and make it a necessity to keep at least one of the instrument in one’s pocket.
 But, as the famous quote says, excess of everything is harmful.
The latest report of the scientific research claims that excessive and continuous use of the cell phones give rise to rashes on the skin. It is the skin around the ears and cheeks of one’s face, usually the area where the cell phones make contact with the facial skin. The main cause behind these itchy rashes is believed to be the reaction of nickel metal with the skin. The metal nickel in Free State is present in the cases of the mobile phones and when these are in contact with the skin for long time period, this chemical gives rise o the rashes on the skin of face.
It is believes to be more profound within the women who wear jewelry which are made up f nickel up to some extent. These ladies are strongly affected by skin rashes, their skin being sensitive to such chemicals, due to the use of such cellular phones, at least in comparison with men
These rashes are initiated by light itching on the face and then rashes which later on turn into reddish in shade. When one gets even a slight hint of coming of these red rashes, the person should immediately hurry to the dermatologist and get these rashes treated. Besides the cheeks and the ear region, these itchy scarlet rashes may also appear on the finger tips if you spend a large amount of time with the metallic keys of the keypads of the cell phones. It’s like during the texting sessions or while surfing the internet continuously.
Almost all the branded phones have been sent to the labs to get the presence of the nickel metal checked and about 50 % of the branded and recognized mobile phones have the free nickel in their cases. Thus, the case of such recognized phones also cause itchy rashes on the facial skin if they are used continuously for a long time without any break. Earlier, there were speculations of cancer also due to the infrared of the phone, but the skin rashes are the latest problem that is being observed amongst the crowd of the common man. These rashes demand medical attention as soon as they are observed. It is due to the fact that these are not ordinary rashes and are caused due to the reaction of the skin with the chemical. Due to this continuously spreading problem, the brands of all phones are testing their instruments and more instruments are being corrected by removing nickel from their cases. Till then, there are some precautions which should be kept in mind while using the cellular mobile phones. The red itchy rashes are caused due to the contact of the bare skin with the metallic instrument. So, to avoid this contact, the mobile phones should be kept in covers and also, should have minimum contact with the bare skin. For the ear’s safety, ear buds must be used while attending the phone calls. The use of cell phones should be reduced and so should be the dependence on these instruments.

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