Do Perfumes Cause itching

From very early age of time, man has been fond of sweet smell and pleasing aroma as they provide relaxation to the mind and relate one person to nature which is created by god. These sweet smells were the indication of purity and divinity. Predictably, in those times, these smells were obtained from the flowers and nature and were used in context of god, religion and for the purpose special ceremonies only. Gradually, man’s thought process evolved and the use of these odors spread for different things and the most popular use was using these smells as the body odor of a person. These odors have now become an integral part of the life of especially young crowd. The type of smell they wear actually indicates their presence at a place. These body odors came to be known as the perfumes and lately were categorized into deodorants also.


Perfumes: Artificial Aromatic Substances


Perfumes or deodorants are the artificial odors or smell which is used to spread a pleasant aroma in the surrounding area wherever you go. The market is expanding at a very large speed in today’s time and so are the companies which manufacture these perfumes and the deodorants. The number of these perfumes is increasing along with the varieties of these objects. This also increases the demand for these objects.



Harmful Effects of Perfumes


Made up of Harmful Chemicals: The maximum types of perfumes are created from chemicals and not herbal or natural extracts and much predictably, the use of chemicals excessively affects the human body.



Skin Reactions Due to Over Use of Perfumes: The most pronounced harmful effect of these deodorants or the perfume is believed to be on the skin due to the apparent contact between the skin and the chemicals of perfumes. This harmful effect is the frequent itching and skin rashes of red shade. This itching is not really common and is a complaint registered by people who are really sensitive to the chemicals.


The skin is affected by the perfumes or deodorants through the process of absorption. The scented liquid is absorbed by the skin which later causes many problems. The children are affected by these perfumes more than adults as their skin is thin and more absorptive.


Ethanol, a Harmful Ingredient: The most commonly used chemical in these perfumes is the ethanol or alcohol. The smell of ethanol is a sweet and fruity type of smell which makes the odor of the perfume pleasing and fresh. But, this inclusion of ethanol on maximum perfumes is creating skin problems which are increasing gradually.


Cheap Chemical Cut Down the Cost and Raises the Health Hazards


There are a number of manufacturers of these perfumes which do not require providing the details of all the ingredients which are added in the perfumes along with their specific quantity respectively and most of the products which are added in a perfume are synthetic compounds which are petroleum or gasoline based. All these perfume manufacturing industries are not regulated. This is a very dangerous condition which enables these manufacturers to add toxic chemicals to popularize their product at cheaper rates as they add synthetics to them which are cheap in cost. This is done from the business point of view. These respective chemicals can be harmful to some people while on the other hand, they can be totally harmless for other people.


Due to the rising troubles caused by the chemicals which are present in the perfumes, laws are being created in some parts of the country which demand all the detailed ingredients of the perfume from the manufacturers. This step has just been taken and is not really popular yet.


Skin Eczema Due to Harmful Chemicals in Perfumes: Besides the perfumes themselves, many specific odors are added into several cosmetic products to popularize them and increase their values. These cosmetic products also lead to skin problems which include rashes. The medical term for these rashes is eczema. Though these products cause skin problems, these products also initiate many more problems and one of the problematic problems is the irritation and respiration. It is more profound in the people who suffer from asthma. These people are allergic to artificial odors and get unwell when they come near any such smell.


Prefer Natural Perfumes Than Artificial Ones


The perfumes which are made up of natural extracts are not really harmful to skin as natural appeal does not really affect the human body. These perfumes are made up from extracts of flowers and herbs and thus, provide a serene essence which is full of pureness. Therefore, nowadays, natural extract or herbal perfumes are gaining popularity. The herbal extract perfumes are not really harmful and thus do not cause any harm. They have a sweet smell and not very sharp type of smell. A soothing smell is more soothing and relaxing than other types of smells.

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