Do Perfumes Irritate Skin

Pleasing aroma and sweet smell is something that keeps man attracted towards it since early ages. It keeps your mind in a relaxed state and yourself close to the nature. Purity and divinity are the perfect words to describe such aroma. In early times, such fragrances were extracted by flowers and other such products and were mainly used to please God or other religious ceremonies. But as the time passed and man’s thinking evolved, the use of such fragrances gradually extended in other areas of life as well.

Perfumes have now become an inseparable part of human life. Perfumes are the artificial aroma mainly used for the purpose of spreading a pleasant smell in the atmosphere around you. Because of the increasing trend of usage of perfumes, many companies have started manufacturing perfumes.

Skin Irritation

Since these perfumes are manufactured using harmful chemicals, and not the natural products like early times, they faultily affect your body. Especially affecting your skin since it is in continuous contact with such harmful chemicals.  Ethanol is a chemical which has that sweet and fruity smell, thus the smell of a perfume is pleasing and relaxing. But it is not good for your skin and causes many problems for your skin. Itching is quiet a common problem for the people who regularly use perfumes because their skin is sensitive towards chemicals.

Process of absorption is the reason behind this skin irritation problem. Perfumes when applied over skin, is absorbed by the skin. Since this perfume contains many harmful chemicals, it causes many problems for the skin. Moreover, children are more affected by the use of perfumes since their skin is more sensitive and thin than the skin of adults. Some perfumes may cause body rashes on the skin due to allergic reaction.  Apart from the basic component, various odors used to increase the fragrance of the product, can also cause some allergic reactions in the body. However these reactions differ from person to person.


Ingredients of the Perfumes

Commonly used chemicals in the manufacturing of perfumes are alcohol and ethanol.  Some of such companies do not mention the ingredients that are used for the manufacturing of perfumes or their quantity which is a grave situation. Skin specialists are of the opinion that manufacturers of perfumes should declare if any of their products contains chemicals that may cause skin irritation.  While most of the ingredients are harmless, 24 of these are known to be allergens.

Generally the components used to manufacture perfume are petroleum based synthetic components petroleum. It is very important to use correct quantity of such products for manufacturing perfumes otherwise they can cause much harm to the skin of the customer.  Many of the harmful counterparts of such products also exist, which means that if some manufacturer uses a cheap but dangerous counterpart of any of the component then again, it is quiet harmful for the body.


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