Do You Face Anxiety Attacks

In a country where according to general mass everything related to mind and brain should end up in sending the patient to asylum, people are afraid to answer do you face anxiety attacks. There may be times when somebody must have asked you do you face anxiety attacks and you had no clue what to answer, let me tell you what anxiety attacks are. The other name of these attacks is panic attacks. These attacks are called panic attacks because they refer to instant strong feeling of extreme fear. The regularity of these attacks may vary from person to person, some may experience it on a regular basis and some may experience once in a lifetime. The anxiety attack comes with a cause, they just waits for some horrifying experience to take place or simply arrives without any prior information or warning.

It is a general question now a day’s do you face anxiety attacks, to answer this question you ought to know the symptoms of anxiety attacks so that you can ask yourself do you face anxiety attacks or not.


The symptoms of anxiety attacks are like


  1. Palpitations, varying heart beats(fast or slow)

  2. Difficulty in swallowing anything

  3. Hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating in body

  4. Looking Pale

  5. Shivering or shaky hands

  6. Numbness and body aches(shoulder and neck)

  7. Constipation and indigestion

  8. Weakness

  9. Feeling electric shocks

  10. Dryness in mouth etc.


Next time anyone ask do you face anxiety attacks you can check out the above symptoms and seek help for yourself.

If your answer to the question do you face anxiety attacksis yes then you should know the causes of anxiety attacks.


Some of the causes may be

  1. Consumption of drugs

  2. Money problem

  3. Hormonal Changes due to various reasons

  4. Phobia

  5. Job stress

  6. Unemployment- fired from the job

Hence, if you are dodged by the question do you face anxiety attacks, it is advisable that you should be aware of the causes of anxiety attacks. Some people seek the help of drugs and other medicines to cure anxiety attacks without even bothering to think about the harmful effects which are caused in the long run. Thus, to guide you in a proper way there are several tips available on the internet which can help you to fight your anxiety in a natural way. The most common practice is to trick your own brain.
You can do that with the help of the following tricks:


Always be positive, disguise your brain by saying everything is all right

  1. Drink water to calm yourself

  2. Deep breathing is also useful

  3. Concentrating on other things rather than your fear

  4. Exercise on a regular basis

  5. Eat properly- intake of loads of caffeine and sugar can make you more anxious

With the help of above information you can beat anxiety attacks effortlessly. When diagnosed with anxiety attacks most sufferers become cautious about several things. Hence, sufferers need to mentally prepare themselves for the future.


When asked do you face anxiety attacks, many sufferers cannot answer or are afraid of the interviewer. It is very important for the sufferer to stay away from any kind of addiction and choose a right treatment for him/herself in order  to stay fit.


It is observed in most of the cases that the sufferer is not accepted by their peers. The reason behind this major problem is the backward thinking of the general mass about anxiety sufferers.


Another problem faced by the anxiety sufferers is the barrier of enjoying their life fully. Many anxiety sufferers due to constant fear are not able to enjoy their life to the fullest. Anxiety attacks come randomly without any prior warning therefore, most people find it difficult to enjoy their life because of the attacks.  


The burden of listening to the orders of parents and peers comes with anxiety attacks. Many sufferers have to blindly believe others without giving a second thought about what they themselves think. Hence, it is advised that they should not overlook their own wish and pay heed to their own inner voice too.


These were some of the symptoms, causes and natural remedies to cure anxiety attacks. Hence, it is advised to take proper measures in case you are diagnosed with anxiety attacks.  


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