Do You Have Frequent Headaches Know Why

Many people suffer silently from frequent headaches whose cause they have a problem explaining. Many treatment options are available today than they were in the past. It is upon you to check them out and make the right choice. But even before then you have to understand what the cause of your frequent headaches really is. Otherwise you might be pursuing treatment for the wrong condition. It is true that headaches are the main reasons that take people to the hospitals are the main cause of suffering though they are not equal.


Migraine headaches are the most common type of frequent headaches that many people often complain of.  When people think of migraine, they conceptualize a form of headache that is completely debilitating but this is not always the case. Some migraines are very mild. Pain in the cheek is the most common symptom that is used to identify migraines. They also come with a very high sensitivity to light and even sound. They may last for a few hours or even for many days. It occurs as a result of nervous malfunctioning as well as inadequate supply of oxygen in the brain.



A cluster headache is another type of headache that recurs very frequently. These clusters of headache have several sings and symptoms such as they are always accompanied by headaches within a period of two or three weeks with several breaks in between throughout the year. These headaches come from time to time ranging from at least few minutes to several hours. They are always very severe and might occur up not less that eight times within a day. Frequent cluster headache can be so serious and accompanied by watery eyes, stuffy nose and a swelling at the painful area. This kind of headache has been proved to attack men in most cases.


Another type of headache is tension headache which is very common headache that is known for causing a feeling of pressure or tension on both sides of an individual’s head and at times the pain can be felt at the downer part of the neck. This pain can be mild or severe and it can last for several hours or for few minutes. It is a kind of headache that affects people several times in within a month.


A sinus headache is another headache that occurs frequently. This kind of headache is most of the time being misdiagnosed by the patients because it may seem false due to the presence of numerous factors. The pain that it brings forth does not affect the neck area alone but it also affects behind one’s eyes and the forehead. This kind of headache can be accompanied by mild feelings though nit can be worse especially in the morning. It is also accompanied by stuffy nose which produces a yellow or a greenish discharge. If this headache grows or when it is an infection, it may lead to severe fever and swollen lymph nodes.


Regular headache can greatly interfere with ones way of life especially the ability to work among others. It is a serious condition that can lead to depression and other different emotional disorders if they are not treated in time. It is advisable that when one is suffering from such conditions, he or she should seek for treatment. It is good to know what causes headache but if you are not sure, try hard and keep records to know whether it is an inherited abnormality in the blood cells regulation. The causes are divided into different groups namely, food, emotional triggers, stress, environmental, beverage and chemical among others.


It is also known that headache can run in a family though it does not mean that it attacks everyone in the family. The main causes of headache are insufficient sleep, problems, anxiety, and thinking too much. Some may be caused by allergies or by stress though most of the patients have family history about the disease. Others things that can trigger headache is over sleeping, insomnia and hunger. Headache is triggered by different triggers such as; environmental changes may trigger migraine to some people while to others it does not. It is recommended that one should know the cause of his or her headache and deal with it.

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