Does Caffeine Cause Rise In Blood Pressure

Most of us are addicted to our daily cups of caffeine which is found in tea and coffee. Other substances that have caffeine in them are chocolates and soft drinks. Caffeine is a mild stimulant and perks up people that’s why people reach out for it to open their eyes in the morning and throughout the day when they feel their energy levels sagging.

Caffeine does have an effect on high blood pressure. It can increase your blood pressure by about 4 to 13 mm Hg by just having two to three cups of coffee or tea per day. And this is in people with no known history of blood pressure.
In people who are not used to coffee on a regular basis but they have it once in a while then there is a sudden spurt in blood pressure for them too. The exact knowledge of what causes this rise is still not known.
However, research does show that drinking coffee in moderation does not increase your overall risk of high blood pressure so much. At the same time coffee is not bereft of nutrition and some benefits.
On the other hand the caffeine that is there in soda pops, aerated soft drinks increase your chance of aggravated blood pressure many a fold. Drinking four or more cans of sweetened aerated water increases your chance of hypertension many a fold. However, just one can of soda does not. Sugar based aerated drinks are more likely to increase your hypertension than the ones that are unsweetened. Sugared aerated drinks anyway don’t have any nutritional value to them hence they should be avoided.
Hence, people with normal blood pressure will find that their blood pressure is elevated after having caffeinated coffee. When people develop a tolerance to this caffeine in coffee over a period of time it might not have any effect on their blood pressure. There is no concrete evidence to prove that caffeine does cause hypertension.
At the same time research that was conducted amongst people who already had been diagnosed as hypertensive it was noted that consuming coffee increased their chances of raising their blood pressure many a fold. Therefore, many physicians will recommend that you delete the consumption of coffee if you are hypertensive from your diet. Also, all other forms of caffeine such as chocolates, sweetened soda and energy drinks that have caffeine will have the same effect on hypertensive individuals.
In case you can’t stay away from the refreshing cup of coffee then you could try the decaffeinated one which will be a slightly better option. A good option to coffee is a cup of hot chocolate which is laden with the goodness of skimmed milk and no caffeine in it. Not to forget your daily dose of calcium that you will get from it.
There are also some herbal tea sachets available which are healthy and do not have caffeine in them. Green tea is especially beneficial to have for those who are hypertensive.

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