Does Caffeine Have Any Side Effect On Our Body


Caffeine is a very important psychoactive substance that is used widely all over the world. It is a stimulant that exists on the plants leaves, plants seeds or even on plants fruits. This stimulant is said to exist in approximately sixty plants around the globe. Among the plants are tea leaves in China, coffee bean in Arabia, cocoa bean in Mexico and tea leaves in China among others. This substance has great impacts to individuals’ health and is being used widely by most of the people from all corners of earth. Though caffeine has negative effects, the professionals and reveals that moderate usage of it cannot cause health problems to an individual’s body.


Benefits of Consuming Caffeine


Caffeine as a Body Stimulant: Caffeine is best for being a stimulant and has a good wake up effect this is because when it is taken in to the body, it is being absorbed readily and transported all round in the blood vessels and its level is picked after sixty minutes.


Stimulates the Nervous System: Caffeine stimulates the nervous system in one’s body and affects the brain which in turn leads to elevated moods, it lowers fatigue and boosts the attention therefore one will be in a position to work extra hard and think faster.


Increases the BMR: It is also a stimulant which has a capability of increasing the heart beat rate which in turn leads to increased blood flow, increased rate of metabolism and respiratory rate as well for several hours after it is picked up in the body.


Effect of Caffeine Depends Upon its Consumption


Another effect of caffeine is that, when it is taken before sleeping, it can interfere with one’s sleep in that it can keep you awake for several hours. Generally, the effects of this stimulant depend on the amount that one consumes.

Caffeine is always converted to substances that are excreted in the form of urine therefore it does not matter whether one is pregnant, a woman, a man or a smoker since it just reacts the same in the body though other individuals are more sensitive to caffeine’s effects as compared to others. These effects may reduce when one uses it frequently.


Taking in large amount of caffeine is not good for one’s health because only six cups of coffee taken daily can cause anxiety, tenseness, insomnia, sweating and even nervousness among others.


Apart from the effects such as anxiety, sweating among others, caffeine can also prevent clear thinking and stimulate the side effects of some medications.


At this level, caffeine intake reveals its side effects when it comes to one’s health. This stimulant is not different from others or from some drugs in that, it can be addictive and its symptoms may be felt even when it is taken in small amount after short time intervals. These side effects may include fatigue, irritability, depression and even poor concentration among others. These symptoms can be picked within not more than forty eight hours and not less than twenty four hours and they reduce over the course of one week.


Limit The Intake of Caffeine to Enjoy its Benefits


According to the researchers, it is recommended to reduce the caffeine intake gradually in order to minimize the withdrawal signs. Caffeine being a stimulant is widely used by several people throughout world in any form like tea, coffee, chocolate and other soft drinks. The amount of caffeine in every plant depends on the plants variety, the particle size, steeping period, the length of brewing and the method that is used for brewing. This has been proved in several ways for example, the brewed caffeine contains more caffeine as compared to the instant coffee among others.



Caffeine as an Ingredient in Soft Drinks


Caffeine is an added ingredient in soft drinks and it is also natural. This is because the caffeine in soft drinks is got from cola nuts. There are some caffeine free drinks which are actually free from caffeine thus it contributes to the sales in the soft drink market. Some of the non prescription or prescriptions medicine also has some amount of caffeine. This is because caffeine stimulates the ability of most painkillers to perform their tasks in the body. This is the reason why caffeine is usually included in pain killers or headache drugs and also in alertness tablets for health purposes. When this stimulant is contained in any product, it must be indicated on the label of the product.

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