Does Coffee Stunt Our Growth

case. This is so because coffee is a good beverage which consists of caffeine that stimulates one’s central nervous system. Caffeine is a good nutrient in the body though much of it may be dangerous since is can cause anxiety and may interfere with one’s normal sleep. Several adults Several people believe that too much coffee may stunt an individual’s growth which is not the believe that coffee is what makes their world move round. According to the researchers and professionals, coffee does not stunt ones growth though it may have some other side effects that maybe uncomfortable to an individual. These side effects may include irritability, headaches and it can also interfere with one’s sleep. 


Coffee Addiction


Coffee is quite addictive though it is not a drug therefore, if one stop taking it gradually, he or she may experience withdrawal symptoms just like when you stop taking any other drug. This might cause fatigue, irritability or headaches. It is advisable that before one stops taking coffee, he or she should visit a doctor or consult a professional. This is because caffeine that it contains may cause several problems to the body especially for the ones who have heart complications or the individuals who are under some medications as well. Another disadvantage of caffeine is that it can also trigger migraine headaches which may be harmful to one’s health. 


Coffee Retards the Rrowth- A Myth


Coffee is just like any other beverage therefore; its consumption has no negative or positive effects on an individual’s growth or height. The myth that coffee causes stunted growth was there some several years back where people thought that caffeine in coffee was a risk to osteoporosis that lead to bone mass reduction though the current research reveals that the link between osteoporosis and caffeine only existed in places where people had low calcium intake thus, it lead to reduced bone mass. This is so because these individuals replaced food and drinks that are rich in calcium with coffee and other beverages while it is well known that low calcium in the body reduces the health of the bones.


Caffeine and Osteoporosis


Some studies reveal that caffeine may interfere with the absorption of calcium though its effect may not be too serious and can be neutralized just by adding milk to the coffee. It is also advisable that for one to attain the best results and to facilitate the growth of the bones in the body, he or she should include calcium in every meal of the day, be it fortified food or low fat dairy among others. By including calcium in the diet, there will be no stunted growth as coffee cannot stunt one’s growth though it may cause some other effects when taken in large quantity. These effects may include insomnia, shakiness, stomach discomfort and rapid heartbeat among others.



Side Effects Linked to Excess Coffee Intake


Coffee cannot stunt one’s growth though the caffeinated coffee may cause several problems to an individual. According to the researchers, caffeine has an ability of causing adverse effects to one’s body when it is taken in large quantity especially by the young ones. Apart from headaches, stomach discomfort and fatigue, it can also cause jitters and may contribute to problems of the heart as well. Coffee is more addictive just like any other drugs and when one is addicted to it; he or she can seek for withdrawal symptoms to help him or her to deal with some problems such as irritability, headache and depression.


Coffee and Dehydration


Coffee may be good for individual’s health though the caffeine in it may interfere with ones attitude. This is because caffeine has a dehydrating effect thus it drains a lot of water from the body cells and also stimulates the body to urination. This factor causes excessive loss of water from the body which may lead to sore muscles and recovery time may be more delayed. According to the researchers, coffee is healthier to the body than it is harmful since it makes one to become more alert thus it encourages concentration. Some say that coffee can improve a student’s performance because it makes their minds awake and boosts their concentration during study. Coffee also helps children who take it with milk in that, these children are not likely to suffer from depression.

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