Does Following Alkaline Diet Promote Healthy Bones

An unbalanced pH level can cause bone problems. From this point of view it is essential that one follows alkaline diet to improve the health of the bones. When the body’s pH is balanced, you can tide over the problems related to bones. The blood should have an optimum level of pH in it. Otherwise the bones become weak. The optimum pH level in the blood is considered to be 0.75 to have healthy bones. When this level of pH is not maintained in the blood, the cells may not be able to function properly. The affected cells can affect the bones.  

The most common bone disorders are arthritis and osteoporosis. Many reasons are there for these bone afflictions. We cannot live with these problems, particularly when they affect our mobility. It can affect our lifestyle too. Many people suffer from bone disorders due to an unbalanced pH level in their blood. Therefore finding a solution for this becomes very necessary. Following an alkaline diet could be one of the solutions and this will keep your bone in a healthy condition. 
Bones need minerals to be healthy. One of such minerals is calcium. We should not eat much of acidic foods as they can neutralize the minerals including calcium and affect the bones, causing disorders. Therefore, for the sake of keeping the bones healthy, we should take alkaline foods to the required level. When the alkaline level is low, it can cause bone disorders including osteoporosis. 
The next question will be how to follow an alkaline diet. The food you take should have 75% - 80% of alkaline components. You can have the remaining portion of the food as acidic. It is important to know that fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods. Alkalizing the diet provides several health benefits. These benefits include increase in energy, improved digestion, and regular bowel movement, besides providing strength to the bones. Green drinks made out of vegetables can be consumed to improve the pH level. Fruit juices can be included in the diet to promote the pH level. 
Vegetables and fruits contain potassium citrate and potassium malate. These compounds reduce the acid load when metabolized. They restore the alkaline balance in this manner. Herbal teas and lemon water also can improve the pH level. Among vegetables, Carrots, green beans, lima beans, beets, lettuce, zuchhini and carob are rich in alkaline content. Among fruits, dates, blackcurrant, grapes, papaya, kiwi, berries, apples and pears are good in alkaline. Hazelnuts and almonds are good in alkaline. Green tea has moderate level of alkaline. Maple syrup and rice syrup also have moderate levels of alkaline. 
Lemon is acidic but produces alkaline. Therefore the digestion process leaves alkaline residue.  This is the reason why lemon is classified as an alkaline food. Also, foods containing more sodium, potassium or calcium are classified as alkaline foods. In other words, alkaline-forming foods are alkaline foods. The over acidic balance in the body should be corrected. To achieve this you should take enzyme supplements, colloidal minerals, vitamins A and D, organic calcium and magnesium supplements and alkaline vegetable juices.  

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