Does Green Tea Have Positive Effect On Fertility

Green tea has polyphenols and hypoxanthine as primary ingredients; due to this, there are better chances of better quality embryos. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants (known as polyphenols) and this can help in protecting the cells from damage resulting from oxidation. But polyphenols can mix with other medications that you have been prescribed earlier. While considering what effect green tea has upon fertility, what needs additional consideration is its caffeine content. Some side effects of caffeine can make a person feel over alert and also interfere with the sleep patterns. This may be bothersome for those who are already suffering from insomnia. It is not right to depend solely upon green tea for fertility as it should be used only as an additional aid. 


Nowadays, green tea is sold in decaffeinated forms also.  Capsules of green tea have hit the market too. This is suitable for women who do not like drinking green tea. Some prefer to drink green tea in the morning along with breakfast. Those who like cold beverages can drink chilled green tea. As various brands of green tea are available in supermarkets, you can change usage of the brands from time to time break the routine and try with different flavors. You can also brew the tea at home, if you are keen to know the flavor of tea that is brewed afresh.


Many still do not believe in how green tea helps in fertility. It is better to follow the advice of not drinking too much green tea; the acid and caffeine content can trigger a miscarriage. But, compared to coffee, the caffeine content is less; black tea too has more caffeine as it has been fermented for a longer time. Some believe that by using Vitex, an herb along with green tea, it is possible to improve fertility levels.


As fertility is a complicated process, it is better to follow other health related tips too like having a balanced diet, including some exercise regimen and consuming sufficient amount of water. Decaffeinated green tea is the solution for green tea brands that are believed to contain caffeine content. There is also an opinion that it is the caffeine content of green tea that helps improve fertility. If you are not sure about the amount of green tea that is ideally recommended to boost fertility, start drinking about half cup green tea daily to be sure that you are not over consuming it.


While brewing green tea, attention must be paid to the time and temperature used for brewing. Some green teas available in shops include other herbs too that are known for boosting female infertility. These herbs also offer general health benefits and so many women have started to use such teas. The reason for the health benefits is their mineral and vitamin content. In any case, it is better to use them in moderation; you must obtain the advice of a doctor, if you have been prescribed other medications.

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