Does High Blood Pressure Causes Headaches

High blood pressure is known to be a silent killer as it creeps up on one stealthily without even one realizing that they are nurturing it within their bodies. There are several patients who have only realized that they were hypertensive when it was too late say after a heart attack, a stroke or renal or kidney failure.

Therefore, it is always good to check one’s blood pressure regularly with a doctor. There are certain kinds of people who will be prone to hypertension and they do need to be extra vigilant or do something to get over those conditions. These factors are being overweight, diabetic, drinking a lot of alcohol, being a chain smoker or not eating right. If your plate is laden with more foods that are from animals and white in color than your diet is certainly not the right kind.
Research shows that almost 50 million Americans are afflicted by hypertension and out of these almost 30% are not even aware of it. Hypertension is one of the diseases that does not have too many symptoms to warn the people who are afflicted by it. However, one of the most common symptoms that a hypertensive person has is headaches. If you have persistent headaches especially at the back of your eyes, dizziness and blurred vision than it is a sure shot sign that you do need to have your blood pressure checked.
Hypertension is when the arteries are getting narrow and the blood is not able to flow through them easily. When the arteries and veins that carry blood to the brain are narrow the constriction will cause headaches.
High blood pressure tends to affect the different organs of your body and some of these are the brain, eyes and kidneys. In fact people can live for many a year without knowing of the dangerous enemy lurking within them until some niggling symptoms such as headaches that just don’t seem to go away whatever you do takes them to the doctor.
A person who has hypertension linked headaches needs to be treated immediately. In fact the very lucky few have these headaches and are able to get themselves to the doctor in time for a control and check on the hypertension before it can turn into a fatal event.
Although not every time that you get a headache you need to think that you are hypertensive. Headaches can be for several reasons and due to several health concerns. They could be triggered by migraines, exertion, stress, something that you ate such as cheese or blood pressure of course.
No one knows your body better than you. Hence, the moment you feel that there is something about your headaches that you cannot really put a finger to then that is the right time to take yourself to a physicians for a checkup.
It is always better to be safe than sorry. In case you are not hypertensive after the visit to the doctor you can rejoice and if you are then you can take your health under your control.

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