Does Tea Causes Bad Breath


Tea is a recommended beverage that freshens an individual’s breath and gets rid of some infections that may be unhealthy to the body. According to the researchers, fresh tea or green tea is best when it comes to fighting of bacteria and it can get rid of organisms that cause diseases. Green tea is also recommended as a mouth wash because it assists the normal toothpastes in fighting the virus since it does away with the existing bacteria. 


Causes of Bad Breath


Gastro-Intestinal Disturbances and Bad Breath: Bad breath is caused by several things such as the existence of bacteria in an individual’s mouth, disturbances of the intestines and stomach which may lead to decrease in the production of saliva leaving the mouth dry all the time, sluggishness of the bowel, throat infections such as tonsillitis and usage of some drugs such as tobacco or alcohol as well.


Bad Breath Due to Bowel Disorders: Stomach is also the cause of bad breath especially when there is a problem with the digestion process which may in turn lead to bowel disorders. In most cases the bowel disorders exit bad breath which is usually exited through the mouth. According to the health researchers, this condition is brought about by the excess production of acids in the stomach and it can be a past tense if one takes in a base substance or even tea. It can also come about when there is not enough acid for the digestion process among others. Combination of good and bad bacteria may also cause a problem with an individual’s digestive system thus leads to bad breath as a byproduct.


Alcohol Consumption Causing Bad Breath: Alcohol may interfere with one’s digestive system which may in turn lead to bad breath. It also reduces the production of saliva thus, leaves the mouth dry most of the time.



Stress Induced Bad Breath: Another cause for bad breath may be stress which most of the people have ignored as a cause of bad breath. Stress also interferes with ones digestive system leading to low supply of the enzymes that are meant for digestion.


Diet and Bad Breath: Some other related causes of bad breath are the nasopharynx and the nose which are also so sensitive to bacteria. Dieting can also cause bad breath because there are some kinds of food that may interfere with the digestive system or overeating.


Bad Breath Due to Tonsillitis: Bad breath can also be caused by the tonsillitis because of the excess bacteria. This may be due to a form of allergy. Another reason for bad breath may be due to more serious medical conditions which should be attended to by a professional. These conditions may include kidney malfunction, liver malfunction, some diseases related to respiratory system, ulcers, diabetes and gastro esophageal reflux among others.


Getting Rid of Bad Breath


Drink Plenty of Water: It is advisable for one to take a large quantity of water in a day approximately not less than six glasses. This is so because in case of dehydration, one can suffer constipation which may lead to poor digestive process and in turn it results into bad breath.


Foods That Cause Bad Breath


Tea cannot cause bad breath though it is always used to fight the bacteria that may cause diseases within the body and always bring about bad breath. The food that one takes in can also be the potential cause of bad breath. These kinds of food may include onions, garlic and some other spices. The individuals who take a lot of vegetables or the ones who take in large amount of foods like meat may also face the same problem.



Reason behind bad breath: This so because of the presence of the enzymes in the saliva which starts the digestion in an individual’s mouth. This process enables the saliva to pick some smell of the food after it has been swallowed. Carbohydrates are best foods that produce strong smell as compared to proteins though fats do not have any smell. The bad breath may be caused by the reaction between the bacteria and the decaying food substances in the mouth. 


Tea Mouthwash As an Effective Cure for Bad Breath


Tea can be the best for solving the bad breath problems. It is advisable that when one is suffering through this condition, he or she should add tea to the boiling water, stir continuously as it continuous to boil then let it cool down and use it as a mouthwash in order to attain a permanent solution to the problem. This is because other mouthwash can only offer an individual a temporary solution.

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