Does vitamin E Works for Scars

Vitamin E is a vitamin that is a very popular source of treatment for skin and to keep the skin glowing. Many people break the vitamin E capsule, this is not the proper way to use vitamin E. Smearing or rubbing on the skin won’t help to improve it. If you increase the intake of vitamin E, then your skin will improve naturally.

Indeed, there are great ways of using this vitamin as an important part of healing scars. It is the primary antioxidant in skin and protecting cells from free radical damage. Vitamin E is good for sunburn, but not for healing scars. It has been found out that vitamin E is detrimental to scar healing.
There was study conducted in 1999 by a group at the University of Miami. The study was designed to test the home remedy of cutting a vitamin E gel cap open and spreading the contents on a scar. Patients with recent surgeries were enrolled. Part of each scar was treated with vitamin E, the other half with placebo. Patients and treating physicians were blinded to which side contained the vitamin E. At the end of the study, 90% of the patients and examining doctors described the vitamin E side as similar, or worse in appearance when compared to the placebo side.
Moreover, in the same University of Miami study, over 33% of the patients reported developing some kind of rash or irritation. In any wound healing situation, a rash will slow the healing process.
There is another problem with using vitamin E to treat scars. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and winds up inhibiting collagen synthesis Scars therefore grow in a less robust fashion. If vitamin E scar healing treatment is begun too early, there is some chance that the scar will break. It has been found out that vitamin E shows very little proof of ability to heal scars. It has, however, been observed that Vitamin E creates a risk of a rash developing, it also inhibits synthesis of the collagen fibers that hold the skin together and weakens newly forming scars and cause them to break
There have been many studies going on in this field; it has generally observed that the scars could not be removed with vitamin E. Though, if you search on the internet you will find that there are many reviews of the scars being removed by vitamin E. It actual fact, it has been observed in the studies that vitamin E does not do any such thing and there has not been any improvement in the scars, while there has been deterioration in certain cases. It may help due to some reason, but scientifically it has been observed that vitamin E does not help in improving scars.
There is myth that vitamin E helps to improve scars. Through a study conducted there was majority of people who think that vitamin E does help in improving scars, in reality it is not so. Beware of using Vitamin E as now also many people are still trying it.

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