Dryness even after Moisturizing


The most common feeling is about the dry skin even after moisturizing. It is not only a prevailing problem in India; it is a common problem across the globe. There are two things that can cure your acne and your dry skin.  The question remains why he face remains dry even after applying moisturizer.  Use of moisturizer should not deprive the skin of its natural oils. 


Using oil massage on your hair and skin on a regular basis is a good way to retain the moisture of the hair and skin.  Thus the skin does not lose its flexibility, elasticity and sheen. Most moisturizers are not capable of preserving the skin’s natural oils. Use of moisturizers that have this quality is advisable.




There is always a misconception about putting oil on acne. The body uses both water and OIL to clean. For the inside it uses water and for the skin it uses oil.  The oil dries out due to the use of soap. In addition to that, we do not scrub off all the dead skin. So when our natural healthy oil starts excreting to protect our skin it clogs the pores of the skin immediately and we get zits.


The best oil is COCONUT OIL as it acts soaks straight into the hair, scalp and face.





Use the coconut oil on your scalp before an hour to shower and then wash your hair. Do not wash until it squeaks. It might be a good sign that you have removed all the essential oils from the hair and have clogged it with the minerals in your water.


Then reapply coconut oil to your hair and scalp by taking about a teaspoon full between your hands, rubbing them together and working them into your hair. Also, what is left on hands can be worked into the face. Use more if needed to do the rest of your hair. The coconut oil is solid and thus it will get colder outside and will thicken and protect you from the dry skin. If you don’t like the oil to be applied on the skin use the oil for cooking purposes. It is really far better than other oils, except Olive.




Showering should be a need not a mindless ritual. We should wash our hair about every other day or every 3rd day. Often we just get in the shower at night and rinse off as oiling the hair and showering is actually good exfoliating. When we rarely get a pimple we should just rub it good with a dab of coconut oil as soon as we notice it. The mess loosens up and seems to be going away.

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