Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Skin

If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle ,proper food as well as adequate rest is very necessary. A body cannot function for twenty four hours. It needs to take rest in order to get energy for performing new works. Starting from a child to an aged individual, everybody needs rest to get a new zeal in life. Just as without food, a body falls sick similarly without proper rest, a body is bound to fall sick. The brain needs rest in order to function properly. However, many people even if they want cannot manage to get a sound sleep. This is because they are either suffering from any sleeping disorder or some sort of mental strain. There can also be some other possible reasons that cause lack of sleep. Well…in that case seeking a professional medical help is considered to be of utmost importance. Lack of sleep not only causes physiological problems but also leads to many psychological problems as well. As far as the physiological problems are concerned, sleep deprivation can cause stomach problems, obesity, hair loss, skin problems etc. On the other hand, mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration are the common psychological problems that occur due to sleep deprivation. This article will mainly deal with the effects that sleep deprivation has on the skin of a person. Inadequate amount of sleep produces harmful effects on both your health and skin. As we all know that sleep is very important for the body. While sleeping, your body restores energy & rebuilds the body cells and tissues. This will also include the cells and tissues of the skin.   

Sleep-deprivation for a short time period can cause little harm to the body. However, chronic sleep deprivation may lead to severe problems to the health & also cause damage to the skin. Moreover, keeping the eyes shut for a short span of time may also make you feel tired throughout the day.
Getting enough sleep, a minimum of 8 hours every night is not only beneficial to the health but also for the skin. It helps in improving the overall texture of the skin and thus gives your skin a new and fresh glow. While sleeping, the skin is not only renewed but also restored. Some harmful effects of the daily life as well as stress is reversed. Inadequate amount of sleep will deprive the skin of going through the process of self-renewal.
Not receiving sufficient sleep will leave the skin, body and health to suffer. The adverse effects of sleep deprivation show quite evidently on your skin just beneath the eyes. This part of your skin is very fragile. It is the thinner area than any other part of your skin.
Sleep deprivation can also lead to the formation of dark circles, wrinkles, puffy eye bags and fine lines. Some special skin care treatments and products may alter the adverse effects of lack of sleep. However, as we all know that prevention is better than cure…therefore, sleep well in order to keep these problems at bay. The adverse consequences of sleep deprivation are cumulative in nature. 
If lack of sleep continues for a long time period, it can cause the following problems:
  • diabetes
  • a weak immune system
  • high blood pressure
  • depression
A complete sleep deprivation can also lead to ‘allergic skin responses’ in patients already suffering from Allergic Rhinitis. Health problems as well as skin problems will persist if sleep deprivation continues. The treatments and products that are available in the market cannot treat the skin problems completely, therefore it’s best to take the doctor’s help as soon as possible.
The skin with its both epidermis and dermis layers is considered to be a very sensitive part of the body. Therefore, taking proper care is a must. Try to find out the root cause of your skin problems and then go for proper treatments. If your skin problems are occurring due to any sleep disorder, then do not take any medicine on your own. Different sleep disorders have different treatments. Always remember that a soft and glowing skin is admired by all, so do not cause any damage to it by any improper method.

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