Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Fall


Hair loss is a very common problem which is experienced by many people and they are always looking for remedies to prevent excessive hair loss. Generally men might be susceptible to hair loss because of hereditary reasons and in case of women it can be due to hormonal reasons or the usage of excessive chemical based products on the hair. At times hormonal imbalance is also the cause of hair loss and for such cases medical examination should be done, so that proper medication can be prescribed for the condition.


Using Primrose Oil for Preventing Hair Fall


Evening primrose oil for hair fall is an effective way to regain hair and is an important ingredient in hair loss products. Evening primrose oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids and prostaglandins. It is native of North America and has blooms with yellow flowers.



Topical Application: The best and effective way to apply it is by topical means. Basically the seeds of evening primrose flower are used to in the production of evening primrose oil for hair fall. One needs to apply Evening primrose oil for hair fall daily on the scalp and if possible one can also apply this oil before going to bed at the night so that the hair follicles gets a lot of time to seep in the nourishment provided by the oil.

Primrose Oil Rich Diet: Incorporating primrose oil into the diet is helpful for hair fall treatment. Take primrose oil at a dosage of 1000 mg thrice orally. It helps in essential hair building blocks in the form of microelements and essential fatty acids.


Prior Medical Consultation Required


Evening primrose oil for hair fall should not be considered as the sole treatment option for hair loss and it should only be treated as supplementary option. Evening primrose oil for hair fall can be very effective, when it is used along with the medications that are prescribed by your doctor for hair loss.


In order to derive the best treatment for hair loss, the cause for the condition needs to be deciphered first so that the right treatment options can be suggested by the doctor. In accordance to the causes of hair fall, the treatment procedure is planned by the doctor. Before using evening primrose oil for hair fall, one should know about the side effects that are often linked to it.


Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take evening primrose oil for hair fall without consulting their doctors.


Epilepsy: If you are suffering from epilepsy, mental illness or taking medications of blood thinners then do not take primrose oil.





Some people might experience slight headache with the application of evening primrose oil, and if the condition gets too uncomfortable, then one needs to consult the doctor. Generally side effects of evening primrose oil are experienced by people who use it in abnormal dosage. One needs to wait for around two months for the results to appear after regular application of evening primrose oil for hair fall. Besides preventing hair loss, evening primrose oil is also recommended for people suffering from eczema. 

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