Exercises for Sagging Skin

On the contrary you can reduce effect of sagging skin by performing several exercises. The sagging skin exercises helps in building muscles and burns out extra fat present underneath skin. Below is a list of exercises for sagging skin prescribed by experts:

Squats: By doing squats which is basically leg exercise, you can skin elasticity in glutes and thighs. To perform this exercise you stand on your feet that are shoulder with apart from each other. Lower the body by bending knees and proceed till the thighs become parallel to ground. Afterwards squat back up and ensure that your back is straight. Don’t allow knees to go past ankles. If you want to add more resistance you can place dumbbells across shoulders and keep your arms in criss-cross position. Do at least 12 – 15 repetitions alongside 4 - 6 sets.
Walking Lunges: This exercises tone muscles present in glutes, hamstrings and thighs. In order to perform these exercises take a long step with left foot in forward direction. Then lower the body down in staggered position till the front knee bends by 90 degrees and back knee is above the ground by 2 inches. Finally stand back, step your right foot and continue with same procedure. By doing at least 12 – 15 times per foot you can minimize sagging skin effect.
Triceps kickback: Triceps kickback is performed with light dumbbells and the exercises work effectively on upper arms. To do this exercise place your right knee on bench while left foot should be firmly on ground following you. Then bend over till you back is parallel to ground and hold a dumbbell in right hand. Make sure that your upper arm is tight against body and allow the elbow to bend by 90 degrees so the body weight can be held down. Afterwards stretch your arm back and then squeeze it for few seconds. Finally lower weight back and come to starting position. By practicing exercise for 12 to 15 times everyday the sagging skin in upper arms is diminished.
Lower jaw exercises: This exercise is for jaw joints and lower jaw. In addition these exercises tone muscles and diminishes fat accumulation in lower jaw regions. To perform these exercises look up at ceiling and try opening your mouth as much as possible. Then stick out tongue to its limit and try to curl it downwards, so that it touches your chin present below lower lip. Try to hold the position approximately for three counts and pull back the tongue before closing mouth. By keeping the chin pointing in direction of ceiling repeat the exercise daily for 2 – 3 times for better results of skin sagging.
Biceps curl: These sagging exercises reduce loose or saggy skin present in front of arms. To perform these exercises place your feet which are at a distance of your shoulder width from each other and keep dumbbells in hands with inward palm facing. Then curl the dumbbells and twist little fingers in. Finally lower your hands before doing 12 to 15 repetitions every day. 

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