Extreme and Embarrassing Flatulence

In this article, we will talk about the gas discharge through rectum, which is commonly known as 'flatulence' a normal person 'passes wind' up to twenty times a day, so anything above this amount is considered 'excessive flatulence' and suggests that there may be some digestive problems.

The main cause of the Extreme and embarrassing flatulence is the diet. Here is how gas circulates in the body. It enters through the mouth and then goes to the stomach and then the colon. Another way is the result of food decomposition due to stomach bacteria.
If you are a victim of excessive flatulence, you have to stop eating food that provokes excess gas. For example, avoid eating food that contains fructose and lactose and also cruciferous vegetables and carbonated drinks.
Another problem is air swallowing, which can happen when you chew gum, when you eat quickly or when you smoke. Air can come from carbonated drink s, such as soda.
As a solution to this Extreme and embarrassing flatulence, there are medications that action against extra gas in the body. If you experience pains together with the flatulence symptoms, then you should consider taking stronger medicines. What can also help is doing some exercises, as they make loose the gas inside your body looser.
Excess flatulence is surely very embarrassing and has serious effects on one's social life. There are other solutions, apart from controlling your diet and lifestyle, and that is wearing pads - undergarments that are based on charcoal and will cover the unpleasant flatus smell.
However, if you do try to change your diet and way of living in order to avoid Extreme and embarrassing flatulence and you see no positive changes, then consider going to your doctor, so he/ she can diagnose you properly and thus give you a good treatment.

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